gathering firewood at a state park

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  1. as long as it's on ground you can keep it for firewood right? i am going to kiser lake for weekend. i know you can't chop it down. buts its free picking if its already on the ground? i dont have access to firewood nor have any room to bring some with me. and i don't want to buy that crap wood at the bait shop/marina.
  2. pretty much all the places around this area wont let you bring in firewood. you have to buy it. usually slab wood.

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    We where not allowed to pick up wood at punderson (state park) The ranger was driving around making sure of it too. I dont understand the thinking behing not being able to pick it up but I didnt argue.
  4. You are not supposed to pick up wood at any state park campground whether it's down or not. Heard that they ticketed a few people last year at Alum Creek.
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    Yup, not only firewood but I also believe gathering flowers, mushrooms, berries etc. are all prohibited within state parks.
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    I'm sure that part of the reasoning is that fallen timber is an essential part of the ecosystem.

    There is also the issue of transporting pests like the emerald ash borer when you transport the wood.
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    Yes I think gathering wood is "disturbing" the park like gathering shrooms or berries or rocks. That's once nice thing about grilling at oshay, there's usually plenty of driftwood that can Vanish Mysteriously.

    Up at Delaware, I've seen them measure out plots that you can cut firewood from if you buy the rights.