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  1. what is the price of gas in your area. im in burton and it is about$2.53;9
  2. I am in Columbus. I have seen it from $2.39 - $2.55. Smaller outboards are hard enough on gas. I feel sorry for those guys running 150 hp + engines. That has got to take a little fun out of the weekend fishing trip. Hopefully something good happens and prices come back down a little.

  3. Here in Loveland up 75N to Tipp City all Ive seen is 2.37 up to 2.54...
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    Dunno if this is going on elsewhere, but here in Columbus (Hilliard, Giant Eagle grocery) has a REAL sweet deal that I take advantage of quite often.

    For every $50 in groceries you buy, you get 10 cents off every gallon for one fill up. I think you can accumulate the discount for 2 or 3 months before it resets.

    For example, last week I trailed the boat to Giant Eagle with my GE card, which we had accumulated $1.70 worth of gas discount on. I was able to fill my 31 gallon tank, with 93 octane, @ 62 cents a gallon. In the past, I've let it accumulate enough discount that I've gotten a complete fillup for free.

    It only is good for one fillup on one "vehicle" (they never hassle me filling up the boat) and since I'm one of those 150hp guys, it's quite nice! Once you use the discount (you have to use it all at once) the card resets.
  5. here in colerain 2.55 every gas station crud oil is at an all high $66 a barrel
  6. I am thinking about buying a mountain bike to ride back and forth to work. Screw these gas prices. I hate our government. I love our country, but hate our government.
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    we have the cheapest gas around as far as other countries go. canada is about $4.00 a gallon american .california is $3.00 a gallon . say good bye to $2.00 a gallon , don't think we'll ever see it again.
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    I filled my truck up last night, and grabbed two packs of smokes.

    $99.11. (Ninety nine dollars and eleven cents.)
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    I just bought a 99 Escort 2 weeks ago to drive to work and all the other driving I do. $17.00 last night to fill it up and $16.00 the week before to fill up.
    Sure beats the over $80.00 a fill up in my Chevy pickup.
    I'll just keep the truck for hauling the boat and hauling wood and coal.
  10. Here is a web site that may be helpful to those in the larger metropolitan areas with a lot of locations to choose from.

    Ohio Gas Prices

    When you go to this site you can choose an area and they list the current prices which have been posted. I am not sure how accurate they are but it may save guys a few bucks here and there.
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    Everyone needs to buy four bangers, gas is 2:55 in Chillicothe.
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    The price of gas here in Mason was 2.49/gal. Well when I went to lunch all the gas stations upped the price to $2.69. That is outrageous.... :(
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    Yep, I noticed the same thing here in Evendale. Actually, the price had dropped yesterday to $2.49 but went back up to $2.69 this morning. Every week it seems to be a different excuse as to why it's so high. The oil companies are posting record profits this year...I sure would like to know what's really going on...!
  14. I live off of Wilson Rd. in Columbus and either go to a gas station on Wilson or Rome Hilliard Rd. The gas prices are anywhere from $2.33 right now on Wilson Road to $2.69 on Rome Hilliard. Theyre jumping today once again, and its pathetic! :mad:

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    Urbana 6am 2.35
    Urbana 3pm 2.69

    Unbelieveable. i think i am going to try and invent a 225hp boat motor that runs on water. wait all motors run on water. :D

    BMF :G
  16. I, too am ultimately digusted with the gas prices, I am payin between 2.50 - 2.70 a gallon just south of Youngstown.

    I work for an oil refinery and it seems as though we are always the ones to blame, but it is not entirely accurate. We also are feeling the effect of the price gouging. Let me give you an example. Currently crude oil is going for over $66/BBL. The price per barrel dictates the price of gasoline. The majority (>95%) of the gasoline that we use domestically comes from foreign countries, Mexico, Venezula, Middle east..... but MY refinery runs strictly Appilachain grade crude (ohio, WV, PA) and we are still paying the same price as what the other refineries that run the sour crude from the outside countries.... We are a small refinery that primarily produces lube oils and waxes, but we do make gasoline.... but it is not a profit center for us (although it would be asnine not to make it since it is a derivitave or crude oil) The refineries are not the cause of gas prices increasing, it is the faul of those who set the price of crude oil. The less we pay, the less you (the gas consumer) will pay. They are a lot of variables that come into play, but if we could find a way to quit using foreign crude, and use domestic only, the US Government could totally control the price of gas. However, this will not happen because of environmentalist who do not want us drilling in Alaska, and those who are afraid we would eliminate our "strategic stockplie"

    Sorry that I rambled, but there is a lot of more things that come into play than just refineries making money... It is just as expensice for us as it is for you.
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    The US simply needs to do what Brazil did 20 years ago. Back then they inported 80% of thier energy needs. Now they are almost self sufficient by using hydroelectric for electricity and ethanol or gas/ethanol mixtures for vehicles.

    It costs more to make ethanol from corn than sugar waste but we can do it if the govt. was serious about the problem.
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