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  1. I have an old Ted Williams 7.5 horse motor that I am trying to get fired up. I was wondering what fuel to oil ratio these old motors take? I would really appreciate any help.


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    I used to run 35-1 ratio on the old motors I had. Plugs had to be cleaned often.
    With the new oils, 40 to 50-1 is just fine.

  3. Never heard of a Ted Williams but 50/1 is the recommended on any outboard motor I've ever owned.
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    Those engines sometimes ran on anywhere from 24-1 to 50-1 ratio's. If it is a 50's to early 60's model it could have ran on the 24-1 or 32-1 ratio. Always run it rich if your not sure. If you know the year I'd be able to tell you more.
  5. Dale I think your right with this older motor. 1 quart to 6 gallons of gas.
  6. Thanks for the fast reply guys! I knew I could count on the OGF crew!
    The serial # is 2 M 171084 if that helps Dale. The motor has an old sticker on it dated 1973. Let me know

    Thanks again,

  7. That motor was sold by Sears as its gamefisher line...I had one of that vintage and hp that was nothing but trouble..All kinds of carburator(sp) problems. Give it a shot of ether and see what happens...I wouldn't put any money in it but Sears may be able to get parts for you.....Old Johnson's are much more reliable. My uncle has a mid 50's vintage that just starts right up...
  8. The Ted Williams was Sears' private brand, manufactured from the lines of Scott-Attwater (Elgin) and many of the parts were interchangeable. One of the more frequent problems was a diaphragm in the fuel "pump" that would get a tear in it. Motor would start easily, but die immediately. The early (1950's, early 60's) Scott-Attwaters used 1/2 pint of SAE 30 weight to a gallon of gas. I'm not certain if the same held true for the later models.