gas prices /whos worried.

Discussion in 'OGF Comedy Corner' started by freyedknot, May 26, 2008.

  1. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    not this guy.i wonder how many gallons per mile he uses?

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  2. must be nice... i can barely afford to cut my grass :p

  3. theres actually a formula...cylinders x price per gallon x wow that boats big= man thats alot of fuel.
  4. that is the most scientific formula ive ever seen :p ;)
  5. For my Son

    For my Son Fish to enjoy time with my boy.

    Next thing you know you will have a video of Pam and me on the boat.

  6. fisherman5567

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    I just went to dale hollow over the holiday weekend on a searay boat that was 36' long, it had 2 498ci mag motors (375hp each), sleeps 7 comfortably, all the fixins, etc. this boat was huge. ill put some pics in today. anyway, it cost 1200 to fill up both tanks, and only took about 6 hours of cruising to use it all up. it only gets about 1mpg!
  7. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    just saw a newstory on the tube reporting boat sales are down by 10%, the repo man is also towing 40 boats a month already.there is a lot of dock space available too. the boating industry is going downhill fast. a lot of big boats are for sale at a cheap price. almost like the realestate market.
  8. Lewzer

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    Don't feel too bad. Here in Sao Paulo gasoline is $5.50/gal, ethanol is $3.20/gal.
    Here is a picture of a natural gas station. I can't see the price out the window.


    And the bad part is Brazil is almost totally self sufficient in energy. The only thing they import is natural gas from Bolivia.
    It's going to get a lot worse for us in the US before it gets better.
  9. Lewzer

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    I heard on the news yesterday that gasoline is aboput $9.00/gal in Europe. That's also taking into account currency exchanges.
  10. Wannabitawerm

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    What we need to do is give one member $5 per boat, line up about 40 boats, let him pull us in line, troll boards, everybody gets a limit, 1 guy uses gas (but gets paid for it!) every body is happy.

    Sorry... I had a lot of sugar this morning...
  11. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    we may have to do that soon!! hire a tug to pull us out to the schools of perch. mad max is comming.
  12. Here is your new solution.


    Everyone on the boat gets one. You just need to work a bit harder to put fish in the boat.:D

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  13. JTRESS

    JTRESS consistently confused

    I was at portage on sunday, by the amount of boats on the water you would have thought they were giving away free gas! Although I don't think there were as many as usual in the speed lanes...
  14. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    I can see the dollar signs coming out of the exhaust in that picture !
  15. I don't think pleasure boaters with a 50'+ are too worried about gas prices. Most of them never leave the docks
  16. dang!!! im only 13 turning 14 now!!!!!!! in 2 years it will 7 to 8 dollars a gallon ill ride a bike to everywhere!!!!!:mad: :mad: