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  1. Will the high gas prices stop you from hitting the Maumee run this year?
  2. The gas prices won't stop me, but they certainly will limit the amount of trips I take out there. The past 3 seasons I lived less than 10 miles away from prime fishing spots on the Maumee, and now I'm 90 miles away :( Oh well, thank goodness I have lots of walleye in the freezer still from last years run and have all the good steelie streams around here to keep me busy.


  3. mbw1924

    mbw1924 mbw1924

    will keep me from making more than two trips up.
  4. Nope, since I only live about 5 miles away from the river.
  5. No. I am lucky, my office is less than 3 miles from the river and I live 15 miles from the river.
  6. KaGee

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    Not me either! 10 minutes away.
  7. river is 1 mile from my place on the dot! i'll be there 5 days a week as usual once things get fired up.

    as for the that i live 90 miles from the nearest river that fishing will be cut to a min :mad:
  8. I live in Columbus and I do alot of steelie fishing so no it will not keep me away from the Maumee and Sandusky rivers. Aas a matter a fact if weather permits i'll be their Mon-wens.
  9. I will be down there just as much. I live about 40 miles away but can't resist the river.
  10. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    i have never fished it so i may make 1 trip its about 150 miles for me but my dad lives in port clinton so i can stay the night
  11. Nope. I work within a mile of many popular spots. Never fished it for the "run", so it should be a learning experience.

    I think a bigger factor would be river levels this spring. Even with the higher gas prices, its probably still cheaper than gas for a day on the big lake during the summer.
  12. BiteMyLine

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    About a 3 hour trip one way, but I plan on being there a few times. A couple times by myself and the other time in a boat. Won't stop me this year, unless they sky rocket and just get stupid. Already put 80 miles a day driving round trip work to home, why not a little bit extra to compensate for overtime. Can't work all the time and pay bills, gotta fish a few places a year where you actually take a decent drive to be on good numbers of fish. I'll be up in late may for sure, sheephead may be some ugly fish but they sure do fight good.
  13. I may have to go back to the shoulder to shoulder, line crossing, headaches that come with river fishing. The boat gas for the 12 mile run on the lake will be quite costly everyday of the week unless I can find a few more interested fishermen to help me with that.:B
  14. Fishpro

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    Nope, I might make 1 or 2 trips up there in the spring anyway, and I'm in Port Clinton, so it's only about a 1/4 tank trip.:) Now gas for my boat, that'll be a different story.:mad: