Gas Leaking From Vent?

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  1. Gas leaks onto the side of my boat after I add fuel from the vent. Right now it has about 8-10 gallons in a 12 gallon tank. Days after I added gas it still leaks out vent. How can I prevent this? Vent hose goes directly from vent to tank with no "lifted" secton of hose, would that prevent leaks?


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    The vent hose should be higher than the tank. It will leak gas when it is full if it sloshes when trailering. I would try to locate the vent higher or make sure the vent hose isn't submerged in the tank. That may cause a siphoning effect when it does slosh. I hope this helps.

  3. The vent outlet is 12"-15" above tank. I read on a post last week the vent hose should go above the hull fitting at one point to prevent water from entering gas tank. I've never had that problem, just a small amount splashing out as temperature changes & wind blows. (I think that's what causes spill) I'm not sure if hose is in tank enough to be into the gas but I think if it was, it wouldn't vent air into tank & would cuz motor to fight to get gas.
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    The vent on my tank is at the front and rarely gets gas up that far. The boat tends to stay bow up slightly when trailering or just sitting in the water. You may think about relocating the vent on the tank to the highest point on the tank. I agree that the hose being submerged may cause the engine to fight, but it may be down just far enough that it leaks more than it should. Let me know what you find, you've peaked my curiosity.
  5. there is a one way fuel spill devise you can add...its an inline thing...i
    ll look it up and add to post...thinking about $20

  6. Thanks, I'll have to do something with the cost of gas & danger of fuel dripping off side of boat!
  7. I had a similar problem yesterday. I took my boat to EF and when I got there I noticed that the carpet looked wet around the vent, and sure enough I could smell the gas. During the trailering some gas splashed out. I only have 3/4 of a tank so I am not sure why it did it. Something I need to look into.
  8. This may be why in another thread someone said the vent tube should go above the hull fitting & back down to it so the sloshing inside the tank won't spill it out. My hull fitting isn't high enough above the fuel for it not to spill. I know the tube shouldn't have a trap in it or the vent won't work at all. Kinda like why the wind doesn't blow the water in your toilet bowl out onto the floor. This might solve the problem.