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gas augur

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by sliderville, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. I Want To Buy A Gas Augur. I Don't Know Much About Them. Can Anyone Point Me In The Right Direction? Any Help Or Opinions Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks.
  2. have used a lazer strikemaster for 4 years with no problems. one hint though use hi -test gas. soon as i started using hi-test in all my two cycle motors my problems with my other two cycles evaporated.have always used it in my augur per suggestion of an outboard mechanic . that was probably the best advice i have recieved in a long time.

  3. Papaperch, I have always been told the opposite. I was told that the higher tests will actually loose their octane levels faster and unless used right away they become lower than the standard 87. I use regular gas but always add a little stabill or sea foam. I also have buddys who race 2-cycle bikes and they never mix more gas/oil than they use in a day, they claim it breaks down alot faster when mixed.

  4. bttmline

    bttmline E.B.C.C. Founder

    i never seen the need for a gas auger in ohio. maximum 8 to 10 inches in a good year. a good hand auger with sharp blades can cut a 8 in hole in a minute or 2. buying an off set handle will make it easier but now you can get a cordless drill attachment and with a couple extra batteries you can drill plenty of holes and with alot of extra weight, gas auger and extra gas. plus the extra noise of gas auger. this is just my thoghts. i have seen days when i did wish i had one but only when my shoulders were acting up.
  5. dont know about racing 2- cycles , all i know is my 9.9 johnson loves hi-test.same with augur but i never tried reg. gas in augur. my 9.9 starts and runs cranky on reg. that i do know. my gas weedeater same thing a real hard starter on reg. in fact i was whining about the weedeater and 9.9 when my mechanic said that he ran nothing but hi-test in all his 2-cycles. he is probably 20 years younger than me but has worked on 2-cycles whole life.since i switched i can say i do not like paying the higher price but i learned to love the reliability. as far as the gas breaking down faster when mixed i cannot say dont really know.
  6. Hey Tim, I gotta get you up to Presque Isle this year and let you drill the holes. LOL.

    My shoulder and elbow on my right arm(camera arm) are going to Hell in a handbasket and a gas auger is the way to go for the deeper ice for me. But at Mogadore on 2 inches of ice, I can handle that drillin. Two cranks and you're through!!!

    I can't wait...
  7. bttmline

    bttmline E.B.C.C. Founder

    what the heck are you doing on 2 in of ice slim, stay away from me!! carl, i said ohio,they probaply due get more ice up there. besides, if you now where to fish you only need one hole.
    when you coming down for a snow/thunder/lightning storm day on piedmont, it that time of year.
  8. I'm ready man! I haven't been saugeye fishing all year. May have to wait for ice up, very busy time with Christmas and all....

    I'll get down there one of these days...
  9. Thanks Papa. I Wanted Some Help As Far As The Number Of Blades And Horsepower.i've Read They Come With 1 To 4 Blades. I Don't Want Something That Will Weigh A Ton. I May Make A Trip To Minni And Toronto.