garcia, running for his life

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    the title says it all. the man probaply is wondering what he was thinking. can't say he didn't try but how long before he gives up or gets hurt.
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    It dont matter, untill we upgrade the O LINE WE WILL BE LOSERS.

  3. Lewis


    We have the WORST offensive line in the history of pro football.
    Kudos to the Steelers though..they finally found themselves a quarterback.
    The kid looks good!
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    One other thing, why did we not try to Blitz this rookie quaterback?
  5. Actually Jack, from what I was able to pick up from the radio on the way back from cinci we did blitz. It's just the same old crap blitz sending only Robert Griffith up the middle that teams are picking up easily. Between listening on the radio and the 2x tivo replay when I got home, our secondary seemed manhandled by buress and ward. I did notice Crocker got some more time on the field other than special teams in place ot little(?). Rush D seemed for the most part to be okay (being liberal here) and didn't give up any big runs other the the 25 yarder at the beginning and when the seas parted for rothesburger. On the defensive side of the ball, the killer seemed to be that our secondary was struggling against ward and burress and the D line was unable to help them out with any pressure on the QB. Not sure how that equates in terms of quality on our D line or their O line, but I gotta say it rests on our Dline since we really havn't generated any real pressure on any team yet this year except when Lang went against Baltimores backup OT in week 1.

    Offensive line smelled like cut shad... There was no way they had/have the ability to deal with all the blizes the stoolers were thowing at them. Verba had what, 2 holding calls on the the same drive? Fain never seemed to really be able to clear and space in the middle. In his defense he is surrounded by that appears to be the worst pair of starting guards in the NFL. Zuk seems destined to become a career backup. Garmons contribution to protecting the QB is screaming "look out!" Running backs, from what I saw, William Green was the more effective of the two yesterday. Pittsburgh seemed to key on suggs when he was in. Green seemed to run with more authority and was willing to lay a hit on the defender rather than being hit. To me that seemed to be the more effective style against their 3-4. Wide Receivers..... Why can't Northcutt out run a linebacker???? Q seemed quite and Andre Davis seemed to be covered very well and was unable to get any seperation at all. TE, other than one catch, was quiet again. I'm guessing because out OLine is so pathetic, we had to stay in max protect so Garcia would have a full second, versus the 1/2 he would have had otherwise, to make his progressions. In the second half he seemed to be the only player on the field that WANTED to win. Some of those hits he took on the sideline made me cringe. I fully expected to see holcomb come in after the grounds crew was able to sweep the pieces of Garcia off the field. Give how hard Garcia is trying to make something (anything) happen out there, I can't fault him for the shotgun snap he lost. The game was over by then and that play in no way changed the fact the the steelers had their way with us.

    This game wasn't a close as the score might indicate. This should have been one of those 40-something to nothing games we came to expect in 99. I've been one of those who have refused to argue coaching as a cause for our problems in the past, but I'm begining to change my tune. This one I lay at the coaching staffs feet as fielding a team of mediocre (again being liberal) talent and then not using that that talent (however mediocre it may be) to it's best advantage. I'm actually glad we lost this game as hard as it is for me to say that. Had we won, alot of problems would have been obscured by the euphoria of beating a division rival. If we field the same team next week, I fully expect to get beaten by the Bengals and the rumblings of Butch Davis' demise to be in full swing during the bye week.

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    its hard not to be negative.....cause i want to see wins and enjoy watching my team, not figure out why the browns suck, but DANG!! Was that an o line or was that wet toilet paper. We have the worst line Ive ever seen. I feel bad for Garcia cause he really showed some heart out there. Hes a player. And what does he get for his efforts, beat to hell. What a mess. :(

    Until the Browns get some decent pass protection, were screwed. Nothing else matters. Thats like building a million dollar house on quicksand. Thats no way to build a team. I was embarrassed for our linemen. They got their asses handed to them.

    The Steelers looked really good, especially gotta hand it to Ben and the receivers and Staley.

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    Why can't Northcutt out run a linebacker????

    I have wondered that myself, supposedly one of our fastest players constantly get caught from behind by LB"S
  8. From the opening kickoff it appeared to me that the Browns weren't ready to play,and the other team was more than ready.If Davis can't get this team fired up to play a fierce rival,then the players themselves should do it,and that doesn't seem likely.Everybody else's evaluation about the "O" line being the main problem is right on,why can't the coach and owner see this? Also,am I the only one who thinks that the backups for Courtney Brown and Gerard Warren are better than they are? These two stiffs make me sick!