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Gander Mountain

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by gotwipers, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. I am done shopping at this place. I know it is not the associates fault and it is not my purpose to call anyone out or offend them. O.K., I have been dissapointed with my experiences at this place for the last year. How in the world does a national chain run out of merchendise? I could not believe that the shelf was empty. I bought a spotlight in April, I live in New Phila and just made the trip back up to the store to return it. i used the F!@$$n light for about an hour and the thing burnt up! Long story short the shelf was empty and they don't even have any "in transit to their store" WHAT!

    I heard a Pro Bass was coming to Akron......I hope it does.
    -end of rant- (sorta lol)
  2. I don't think the store should be blamed or held in a "negative light" (sorry, bad pun) for running out of a product... A lot of times, stores have limited quantities, even "national" chains... Just a question, but why did you wait so long to return the light?

  3. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    Maybe they realized that the lights were all defective and stopped carrying them. Get a diffrent model or take your refund and order a better brand from BPS. I understand your being angry tho. We work hard for our money and want a quality product when we spend it.
  4. I have been busy (fishing of course) but also with life. Who else can I blame? It is the store's responsibilty to see to it they have the merchandise that they offer correct? I I couldn't see not even knowing when the next shipment was going to be there, when I asked if I could give them my name and phone number they said they couldn't do that so I said I would just take a refund and be on my way. Like I said I don't blame any one person, but I would have like to know when to stop back in to see if the shelf was full. To answer your question, I have not really had a use for the light until now. I bought it to use at raystown lake to mark the mile markers (we fish at night). Chaunc, the thing is they couldn't tell me where or when, I looked for another comparible light but couldn't find one. I will buy somewhere else for sure.
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    it could have been a special shipment with limited availability,which is common with some which case,when they're gone,they're gone.if it was an item they normally stock,and just ran out of,the employees will have no idea when they will be restocked.the reason is they are not told.gander stocks their stores at certain times,and individual stores don't always know in advance what they may get or when they'll get's the nature of the beast.many decisions are made not by the store,but by upper management in some "far off place".
    if that light was the same one i saw a couple months ago,my guess is it was a special limited item which probably won't be restocked.i almost bought one.great price but for the above reasons,and the possibility of what happened to you,decided not to.
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    gander along with other stores buys there summer stock in the spring and when it's gone it's gone . they will be getting hunting stuff next month. the light(yours) may be back in stock then.
  7. good explanation, thank you. I wanted to hear that last night. The light was the Nightblaster, I know they have had them for some time but maybe they ordered so many. They are in the predator hunting isle for 34.99 i believe.
  8. We are all simply becoming victims of the quest for lower prices.

    The quality of of a lot of gear has really gotten shoddy the last couple years, stores fight for biz, lowering prices and the manufacturers pretty much all import the products.

    The bad part ius the materials used are more often then not better quality than what was used in the past but the products fall down due to bad design or faulty manufacturing process.

    Bought 4 items at Dick's yesterday, spending about 75.00 and 2 of the items are defective, possibly a third as well.

    I have found even a lot of the "better name" brands are imports and have issues as well.

    It gets frustrating.
  9. I am not a big fan of Gander and its pretty much for the same reason gotwipers is fed up, their shelves are always empty. I can see when they are switching from hunting to fishing or vice versa but in the heart of the season you should be stocked. I have gone in there many times looking for a lure only to find all the colors I want to be out of stock, always seems to be husky jerks. If you know the "clown" pattern is always selling out in certain sizes it makes sense to order a few more than usual. All these stores have an inventory manager who is in charge of the inventory in the store and ordering product to replace low stock. It has just happens too many times to be coincidence.

    Its also BS to say that you don't know when a product is coming in. Most big name stores have an inventory screen on their computers that tell them how many of a certain product is in stock and usually has access to when upcoming shipments are coming in. If they looked it up and it wasn't ordered then they would have no way of knowing, but if no one attempted to look it up it could of came in today. It literally takes 30 seconds to look up, I used to do it all the time for customers.

  10. misfit

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    i've been in the store when shipments came in,and know that they do not know everything that they're getting.that may be true of certain standard items,but not everything.i've personally had someone open several boxes(more than once) looking for a particular those boxes were dozens of different "loose"'s like opening a grab bag.they are not itemized on a packing slip.
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    Maybe you should have called, that's what I do if I want something, the closest store to me is 45 minutes I don't leave the house before calling so I don't make the trip for no reason.
  13. LOL I knew that one was coming. I got talked into going by my wife, went to Babies r us. I did have every intention of calling.....I swear. I gotta go work:(
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    sounds like you were in the reynoldsburg store.i don't call ahead cause sometimes i just need to get out of the and it's fun going to that store to harrass the help:D
    that alone is worth the 5 minute drive:D ;)

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    It's a 2 way street.

    If any store over orders any merchandise, then they will have to either send the merchandise back or they have to significantly discount the price and not make as much profit.

    If a store under orders, their customers come in and have to either settle for a differant item or go elsewhere to find that item, of which the customer can get a bit testy about.

    It's a fine balancing act for stock in any store regardless of it being a fishing store, grocery store, clothes store, etc...

    In regards to merchandise being stocked all year round. Being that I visit the Canton Gander Mountain weekly, and have done so for a few years now. You get to recognize some things. First and foremost, if it is name Brand stuff that your buying, like Coleman,Berkley,Lowrance,Remington,Eagle,etc... They are going to re-stock it weekly. You can't really blame the store for not keeping 50 Rebel Crawfish in the Charteause pattern, and by some chance when I go to the store they are out, due to some guy bought their supply. Crap happens.

    In regards to purchasing an item that isn't name brand, well your not going to always see it in the Gander or Dicks chain. Thats pretty much known. It is a seasonal thing. Just like at other stores. Go to the clothes store in the spring to get your summer clothes, and go to the store in the late summer to get winter clothes.

    Ice fishing gear is sold during ice fishing season. They don't carry it all year. Why should they? I am not thinking about ice at the moment, I am thinking about how I can get those bass and panfish to bite. Hence Bass and Panfish supplies are moving off the shelf faster.

    I hope you got your light replaced, if not, maybe look into getting a name brand that may be a bit more, but at least the company may back it with a warranty, rather than Gander not having it on the day that you go in.

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    sorry for hijacking the thread,but i've been meaning to ask for a long time.....................................
    FLASH,do you ever write anything that contains less than 1000 words?:confused: :D :D ;)
  17. I hope you got your light replaced, if not, maybe look into getting a name brand that may be a bit more, but at least the company may back it with a warranty, rather than Gander not having it on the day that you go in.

    I am pretty sure the night blaster lights are "name brand". I have seen the lights stocked year round. They are marketed for predator hunting. My point is not that they didn't have the light, it is the fact they could not tell me when they were getting another shipment, nor could they give me a call when a shipment did come in. How does this happen in a nationally known store? It has got to be someone's responsibilty to make sure a re-stocking order is made when inventory gets to a certain level. I will get the light replaced, but won't get it at GM. Hot color this ice fishing that.....don't market it if you cant provide it. Sales and marketing strategies, sales forcasts, they do have positions that take care of this sort of thing. :D
  18. I have been told by employees of Gander that they have no control over what comes in, the company just sends them whatever regardless of how it sells, seems like a crazy way to do things in my opinion, I would want to limit the amount of stuff that does little more than take up space and have a boatload of the stuff that sells like mad.
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    Whenever they are out of something that we want, we have someone in that dept. get on computer and check all the others stores in the U.S. They find what we need and then they call that store to see if they can ship it to the store we are at. Sometimes it takes a couple calls, but if the employee is willing to do it, you will get your product, just have to make another trip to the store to get it when it arrives there. WB
  20. Lundy

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    You know sometimes I think many may take some of this stuff way too personally.

    I seriously doubt that Gander went into business originally or has anyone today sitting around trying to think of ways to upset their customers. I would believe that they try very hard to provide product and services to their customers that would actually make them want to shop there again.

    If a store, any store, does not meet your individual expectations or products and services, just shop somewhere else.

    To expect perfect service and product tailored to meet our each and every individual need from any store,of any kind, is a unrealistic expectation that will only lead to self induced disappointment.