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Gander mountain filing bankruptcy

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Legend killer, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Ripley

    Ripley here kitty kitty!

    didn't cabelas own gander mountain? and now bass pro owns cabelas.

    I had heard a couple or a few years ago cabelas bought out gander mountain. am i wrong.
  2. KaGee

    KaGee Monkeywrench Staff Member

    Mmmmmm No.
    Gander Mountain Company, Inc. is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota and is a retail network of stores for hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoor recreation products and services. Gander Mountain Incorporated began as a catalog-based retailer in Wilmot, Wisconsin. Wilmot is located near Gander Mountain, the highest point in Lake County, Illinois a short distance across the state line. There are currently 152 Gander Mountain stores in 26 states.

    In the 1990s the company sought bankruptcy protection and began to rebuild its business once it emerged. In 1996 it sold its mail order division and then later acquired the watersports company Overton's in order to relaunch its mail order business.

  3. Hook N Book

    Hook N Book The Original Hot Rod Staff Member

    Yeah, may be right or may be wrong. But for sure, they own us.
  4. Ripley

    In 1996 Gander Mountain, prior to declaring bankruptcy, sold its mail order business to Cabela's with a no-compete clause. In 2007, Cabelas brought suit against them to prevent their re-entry into the mail-order business. Gander Mountain won the lawsuit and began selling online as well.'s
  5. Interesting Tug-of-War between Outdoor Corporate "Suits" for our precious dollars for out outdoor passions.
  6. Hell yes they gave it away. I went there on a Lark at that time not intending to spend a dime and ended up dropping a few hundred on about $1,000 worth of tackle and gear


    I live close to the reynoldsburg location and always wondered why they did away with the fishing stuff for a short time then brought it back? I've never really cared for gander and buy most of my tackle at R&R. I did stop in there last summer for a pack of hooks that I needed in a pinch and ended up buying a revolver that they had priced at about 1/3 of what it's worth. Didn't know what it was I guess but I wasn't going to argue with them.
  8. Flathead76

    Flathead76 Carp53.65

    Think it was 97 when gander sold it's catalog rights to Cabela's for 7 million.
  9. Out of curiosity, what happens to a brand name such as "Guide Series" when this happens? Can another company buy the brand and sell it as their own with a different name? Maybe this is a silly question so forgive my lack of knowledge on the matter. I owned a few of their rods and for the price, they weren't half bad in my experiences.
  10. Ripley

    Ripley here kitty kitty!

    Thank you for the info. I hate to see any place go under. The loss of jobs makes me a little ill thinking about it. But... on the other hand, I use these places very little. I may pop in and check out a few things, but I try my hardest to buy from the local mom and pop place. I think that not only do I get to know and make a friend. I also feel that if I want to buy something that they would be honest and let you know if it's crap. I also like a place that has a big ole dog that is happy as all get out to see you!
  11. KaGee

    KaGee Monkeywrench Staff Member

    Trademarks are only worth what somebody is willing to pay... I'm sure if Gander closed up shop they would attempt to get what hey could, IF there was interested parties. As of today, Gander is still in business so this conversation is moot.
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  12. KaGee

    KaGee Monkeywrench Staff Member

    Official, Gander filed today. Closing some stores that aren't doing well. Not going out of business. At least not yet.
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  13. Did they disclose what stores will be shut down?
  14. Yes

    32 Stores for now
    Here's the full list of stores slated for closing:

    • Alabama (4) – Gadsden, Mobile, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa
    • Georgia (3) – Augusta, McDonough, Snellville
    • Illinois (3) – Champaign, Algonquin, Springfield
    • Indiana (2) – Merrillville, Greenfield
    • Minnesota (3) – Rogers, Mankato, Woodbury
    • New York (1) – New Hartford
    • North Carolina (2) – Raleigh, South Charlotte
    • Tennessee (1) – Chattanooga
    • Texas (10) – Houston, Killeen, Laredo, Lubbock, Round Rock, San Antonio, Sugar Land, Texarkana, Waco, West Houston
    • West Virginia (1) – Charleston
    • Wisconsin (2) – Eau Claire, Germantown
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  15. I thought the Sheffield Village store is closing also as they are selling everything at clearance prices including merchandise racks and fixtures.
  16. I think its closed already.
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