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Gamma users

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by buckeye4, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Does anyone use the gamma lines ? If so which one and what cond. do you use it for ?
  2. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    Reel Lady is sponsored by them and could answer any questions you have. I've only used the copolymer lines. I personally have mixed feelings about it. I wouldn't say buy it or don't buy it simply because I like it and don't like it. PM her. She will help you out I'm sure. Reel Man could probably help you out also.

  3. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    I just bought a spool a few weeks back of Gamma Edge. I Had pretty bad results on my spinning reel, but I love it so far on my casting reels.
  4. jay2k

    jay2k Inch short

    I have used gamma (high performance copolymer) stuff since march and love it. Its on all my spinning gear right now. I was previously using p-line, but after awhile it would get a little funky. This gamma line seems to stay soft and has very low memeory after a few casts. All my line is 6#. I do fish at least 2 or so a week so its not sitting on my reels months at a time.
  5. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    Reel Lady hooked me up with some pony spools #14/#16 and I really liked it on my curado's. I had no's not as brittle as Trilene
  6. Bass_Hawg

    Bass_Hawg Certified Hawg Master

    Been using the Gamma Copolly for the last year. i use 12 pound on my crank rod and 14 pound on my tx rig.

    I like it and will keep buying it because I have confidence in it. Its a great line for the price.

    PS I have it only on Casting gear not spinning (simply because I dont have any spinning gear and so therefore cant use it on Spinning gear.)