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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by ParmaBass, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. ParmaBass

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    Just dropped a few bucks ($20.00) on a spool of Gamma Edge. Had to see what all the hype is all about.

    If it comes off the spool like it went on I'm gonna be one dissappointed angler. I've never had such a hard time spooling up a spinning reel. 8lb test, recoiled like crazy every pause I made. Flipped the spool over to see if that worked and it seemed to get worse. Hopefully it stays on the spool the first cast I make.

    We'll see on Saturday!!
  2. heyjay

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    I bought a spool of Gamma last year . Exactly as you described . I've never had such a hard time with any other line .

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    I use a line spooler and feed from the underside with tension for a spinning reel and overhand for a baitcaster. It seems to help with any line. I have actually had the same Gamma Edge on my bait caster now for over a month and I've been fishing quite a bit. A little trick that may help with any fluorocarbon is to wet a rag with Armour All and run the line through the rag as you spool up. It softens the line up and makes it even slicker for better casting. One of the reasons I got hooked on Gamma was the line strength. I spool up with 8lb where I used to use 12lb and have no fear of breaking off. I think the smaller diameter line has lead to more bites and of course it's more managable then larger diameter lines especially in the fluorcarbon.

    I plan on coming to the Ladue weigh-in Jeff so I'll see you there.
  4. This spring I decided to spool a 6500 cs rocket with 14 lb to give it a try. I fish the Ohio River for hybrid stripers. We need to make long casts and I was using a 3 oz spoon just Saturday and hung it up on some rocks.I had to wind some line around a stick and start walking up the hill about 30 yds before it broke at the knot. So I think it's one of the better lines I've used recently.
  5. Before you tie any lures on to use the line I would tie on a 1 oz sinker, jig, spoon, etc. and cast it about 10 times. With the tension on the line and the line being wet it will lay on the spool alot better and take the coils out. I do that every time when I respool a reel and usually never have a problem.

  6. ParmaBass

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    See you there Rob, mabey we'll actually bring fish to this weigh-in!!! Bad season so far on LaDue for us. I plan on following Zach around all day on Saturday!!!

    I'll have to try the armor all trick next time.
  7. I couldn't agree more. I fish the Ohio also and was asked to use Gamma by our local shop owner. This stuff is pretty amazing, while it does spool pretty crazy I haven't had any issues with twist. I like the tips though I will have to try some and see if there is any difference.:D