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Gametrail cameras

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by ifish4all, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. what is a good reliable trail cam for the money?
  2. Mushijobah

    Mushijobah Urban Angler

    I love the Moultrie Infared (IR) series. I bought two used off ebay. Work great so far...a bit bulky though.

  3. Try to get the Infra-red flash, the batteries seem to last longer with them. There are several right now under the $130. price range. I have a Moutrie 5.0 and it takes real good pictures. I think you can get one of those for around $120. They all come with a cheap plastic case (which is water proof) and little bunggies to tie them to a tree. You'll hear good and bad reports on everyone of them. Look for advertized long battery life. Whatever batteries you want D, C or AA.
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  4. BassSlayerChris

    BassSlayerChris WFN Ambassador

    Moultrie I40 or I60 they are infra-red and never had a prob for 3 years now. Also extreamly longggggggg battery life.
  5. I bought a Wildgame Inovations IR5D a few months ago and so far I am very happy with it. Excellent day and night pics, good infrared range and really good battery life. Its been out for roughly 3 months now and has taken somewhere between 2500 and 3000 pics and it still shows half battery life. Uses 4 C batteries. Also has a video option that I havnt played around with yet.

    Vances and Buckeye Outdoors have them on sale this month for 80 bucks.
  6. thanks for the input ive been lookin at the moultrie series and im likin them specially for the money range
  7. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    The Moultries will do the job and at a good price point. Like all electronics you get what you pay for however.

    There seems to be an excepted failure rate with Moultrie and other manufacturers that import these cameras from China. If they fail within the warranty period they just replace them. That is a good thing.

    HOWEVER - you need to have your original receipt and expect at least (based on my personal experience) 3 months to complete the exchange, and you will never be able to actually talk to a live person at Moultrie. I don't think this is any different with any of the camera(low dollar import, which is almost all of them) companies. There are always huge amounts going back for repair or replacements and their customer service departments always seem to be overwhelmed.

    I have 5 moultrie cams, One I-40 that works well , 4 D-40's, two work well, 2 are being replaced now.

    I just purchased a Truth Cam 35 to see how it compares to the Moultrie. If I knew for sure that no one would ever steal my cams I would purchase Buckeye Cams, made here in Ohio.
  8. I got Wild Game Inv. IR4 on sale @ Buckeye Outdoors for $69.
    Because I dont want to hang more $ than that on a tree for someone to walk off
  9. I have the IR5D as well. I can recommend it too, great camera.

  10. I have a 2 Browning trailcams...what am I doing wrong? I put ad carb in and it says 0/9999 in the window ,but leave it in the woods and it stops a 1500 pictures...its a 32 gig ad card ....any ideas
  11. Some cameras have a picture cut off & will only take so many before a reset is needed. It should be listed in your instructions. I have a wild game & mine is 2250 pictures.
  12. Are you using the sd card that came with the camera? I've had issues using other sd cards or trying to use a micro SD in an adapter. I think Browning cams have to have a sdhc memory card
  13. How many pictures can you get out of a 8,16,32 gig sd card?
  14. I ran my Browning on high def still think I got 5000+ pictures on a 8gb SanDisk sd card
  15. I'm using entry level Moultries (3 of them) for the 3rd year & have had good luck with them. Battery life is great, pic quality good, trigger speed isn't the greatest. I will buy more of this brand as needed.
    I had Wildgame cams in the past, 6 total, & wouldn't own another if they gave it to me. Literally the disposable Bic lighter of trail cams & absolutely ZERO customer support. Average life was maybe 12-14 months and battery life wasn't good. Maybe they've improved, but I'll never give them any more of my money.
    Buddy of mine has a fleet of cams, Moultries & Truth. He liked the latter better but puts the Moultries where they could get taken since they are much cheaper.
  16. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    I have a $40 Wildgame cam. It gave me 3 strong months of video in the dead of winter. I've now had it out for 2 months this summer taking quality pictures and no issues at all. I hope it lasts as I LOVE it!! Pictures and video are both better than my Moultrie that was $80.
  17. Glad your WG cam works for you & hope they have improved. As for me, 6 cams / 3 different models & same result. Actually two were gifts & lasted just a few months but still no factory support because they'd been purchased some time before I received them. The old broken cams make great decoys, letting people think they're being watched !!
    Got my Moultries at the DEER & Turkey expo for $50 so I got lucky there.
  18. I have had good luck with Bushnell and Browning. I've had several Moultries and they were decent but I got about 2 years avg out of them. I run cams for about 9-10months a year and get a lot of pictures. I had 2 Wildgame cams, both were pieces of junk, got zero customer service from them or even a response to an email. Haven't bought a WG product ever since and never will especially now after the Elk hunting fiasco. I run cheap $35 Bushnells on feeders or mineral sites since trigger speed is meaningless and it's just inventory.

    I recently purchased a camera from a company called Exodus Outdoor Gear. They are a group of young guys from Ohio that I met at the Deer and Turkey Expo. Their cams come with a 5 year no questions asked warranty and a 50% warranty on theft or damage. They are a bit more money but it's well worth it for the piece of mind of a 5 year warranty. They function flawlessly so far and the customer service is top notch.
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