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Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by EMRDUCKS, Oct 26, 2007.



    Just Witnessed Here At Work In The Back Field 5 Bucks Chasing A Doe. They Chased Off A Smaller Buck Erlier. Let The Chase Begin. I Will Be In My Stand In The Morning. Good Luck To All
  2. I wouldn't expect to see much chasing for a while yet. There is always that rare doe that comes early but I don't imagine the rest will go for a while. Nevertheless, I am sure that being in the stand in the morning is a good choice.:D

  3. Brian, I have seen the same up here. A couple buddies have arrowed nice bucks this week. Necks fully swollen, they stink to the high heaven, and I have also witnessed several bucks acting all rutty.
    let the fun begin!!!
  4. That is true already the regardless of whether the does are ready for them.;)
  5. I have also seen a Buck with a doe. There was 3 other smaller bucks trying to get close to the doe and the big buck keep runing them off. I have never seen this kind of activity this early in the season.:confused: