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Galyans To Dicks = No Bueno

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Character Zero, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. Character Zero

    Character Zero Smallie Phan

    I Dont Mean To Complain About The Change, But I Have To. They(dicks) Have Came Into The Easton Store And Completely Changed Things Around. Even Pulled A Ton Of Stuff Off Their Shelves, Making, What Used To Be A Great Place Always Slammed With Business, To A Place That Even The Employees I Overheard Discussing The Dissaray A Stuff Inside To Be In Complete Shambles..
    To Top It Off, Certain Brands Are No Longer Going To Be Available Any Longer.. What The Crap?
    Did They Come In And Wipe Out Some Of The Previous Galyans Staff? The Usual Weekend "team" Wasnt Around, And When I Asked, People Where Like "who?" If Things Dont Get Shaped Up At Easton, I Forsee That Place Having A Giant "close The Doors" Sale.......
  2. I hear rumblings that Easton's store may not be open long at all. I guess DSG likes store-owned property, and the building at Easton is leased. A new DSG at Polaris opens this year sometime, I guess.


  3. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Like you said I also hate to predict what's going to happen to the "Dicks" sporting store here on Sawmill but if the other day was any indication It will have to change a buch before I go there again. I was looking for a few items that they (Galyons) alwways carried and was told, "I don't know if those are even here" and walked away from me. Someone better get their head out of their rear end if they want customers or they will just be a place where you go to but snow boards, ski's, or yuppie items. Sorry Dicks your place isn't worth me waiting my time in any longer. Gander, make room we'll be there in droves!
  4. DavidWS10

    DavidWS10 Bankless Boat Trash

    All of the DSG stores here in the Cincinnati area that I've been to aren't worth visiting a second time. That is, if you are looking for any sort of fishing stuff. The selections carried in the stores here are just the basics. And with BPS only 10 minutes away from me, take a guess where I shop. Lake Raider, when are we going shopping again. I'm sure you need something for the new boat.
  5. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    I havent been to any of the galyans since befor xmas but it sounding like the long drive for me isn't going to be worth it. I only made the long drive in the past because they always had what i wanted and JBJ was great to work with and help out. But if all that is gone i will have to go to gander as well.
  6. I'd have to agree. I went to the new DIcks on Sawmill and was not impressed. Seemed bare to the bone. Although Gander is not in my back yard like Dicks, I'll use that a s my primary buying place.
  7. Hey fish4fun, if you want to make a drive, head north to FinFeatherFur. I went once after a clearfork tourney and was amazed. One awesome fish department. I'll go to Dicks once just to see if they'll accept my $30 galyans giftcard.
  8. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Admins, is there any way to disable the "HEY MY CAPS LOCK KEY IS BROKEN" feature that doesn't make it look like "Hey My Caps Lock Key Is Broken." I personally find it just as hard to read as reading all CAPS.

    Thanks :)
  9. I've had pretty good experience with the dicks in mansfield, people working their seeminlgy know what they're selling, goods aren't all that bad either.

    FinFeatherFur does have a huge selection but has the most outrageous prices i've seen. Gotta pay for the new show room some how.

  10. Coming from an area where there has always been a Dick's Sporting Goods, I can tell you that it is the closest but my very last choice when it comes to getting gear. Heck, back when my girlfriend lived in Columbus and before we got a Gander Mountain, I used to wait till I visited my girlfriend and go to Galyan's to get stuff. After I bought my first boat and walked into Galyan's, this time after I had a Gander Mountain in my area, yet further than Dick's, I rearranged my order...1)Gander Mountain 2)Galyan's 3)Dick's. Now, I plan to just use 1)Gander Mountain 2)Cabela's online 3)BPS online or in the store if I am in Cincy for business. Dick's sucks. :D
  11. Character Zero

    Character Zero Smallie Phan

    :) sorry about the caps :) LOL!!
  12. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    im very disappointed in the switch or buy out or whatever.

    especially since the old galyans / now dicks in lyndhurst says they will never carry any ice fishing gear.....

    well thatll save me some gas money then.
  13. I just saw Blaise at our bass club's awards banquet and he is still working at the Sawmill DSG. We didn't talk much about DSG though, so give them some time. He is and he works there. Maybe it will get better.

  14. When DSG first came to Cincinnati, they had a VERY good fishing department. Now, it is better to just go to Wally world. The only fishing related items that I now buy at DSG are Senkos.
  15. JBJ


    Sorry about being gone from the site so long guys. It has been a VERY hard transition from Galyans to DSG and it is in no way complete. I have been warning the new Store Mgr, District and Regional heads that they need to make a grand impact if they plan to bring in the old Galyans customers ever again. I considered leaving several times but have decided to hang in to see if most of the promises will come through.

    We have been told that we will be keeping MOST assortments of what we were carrying along with some more mid to low end items being added. These new items will be All Star rods, Pflueger reels, Venum baits to name a few and there are even some things that DSG does not carry now that we are talking with them about bringing on board. We JUST STARTED getting resupplied last Thursday. What you have been seeing in the old Galyans stores up to this point (even after the 4 days closed) is what was left over after all those clearance events. I have been told to brace to get buried with fishing products this week. We also still have floor moves to do so the mess is not over with yet. I'll do what I can to get on here and let y'all know what's going on and what products are arriving. So far, we have seen some fish finders (a color screen one finally) and some new tackle bags/boxes.

    The way some are talking in this thread, they are already giving up on the old Galyans stores since they are becoming DSG's. It's kind of analogous to someone not wanting to visit OGF because many of it's old members once were on GFO. Kind of rediculous, eh? You might consider doing as I am and giving it a chance to develop with the new DSG. The reason they wanted to buy Galyans was to improve on their "Lodge" department. I'm going to hang around to see if they come through with the goods. Those of us at the store know it is rediculous reopening with only what we had when we closed on the 26th. We don't have any control over it. We really don't like it either! All we can do is keep getting the store ready for the GRAND RE-OPENING sometime in early March.

    The Lodge Staff is hoping, the same as our customers, that the transition will prove successful. I personally have controlled/reserved optimism at this point. Stand by for further updates.
  16. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Blaise, I'll give it a little time, but my biggest problem I've had is with rude employees. Two times I've been there the help in the fishing/hunting dept. were snobish, rude and seemed like I was bothering them. I tried a second time and was treated the same. I ask someone if you were there and they said "does it look like it?" Sorry, No one that depends on customers that pay them by buying at their store will ever treat me like that. You always go out of your way to please your customers, that's a big reason so many here came to see you. I'll suggest who ever is running that department and the ones across the other way have a serious talk to their help. That will be the downfall to that store. I truely hope they listen to what people are saying here and outside of this place. I hate to see things like this happen but they will and are as we speak. Again nothing against you at all!! Your great. We've had a great relationship with you and I truely hope DSG doesn't let that end. You have your work cut out for you that's for sure. Good luck and keep us posted.
  17. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    I guess if your into LM bass fishing or "eye" fishing maybe those stores are good......only reason i went to Galyans was for a certain plastic lure supply..other than that they carried useless junk...same goes for Gander( i refuse to go to Gander). Heck everyone carrys the basic gear, but if your after QUALITY tackle, those places fell way WAY short IMO.

    As far as local stores, i use #1 Fishermans wharehouse, R&R bait shop(for certain lures) and Buckeye outdoors(again only for certain lures)..other than that i ORDER OFF THE INTERNET!!
    The amount of chioce we have for line, reels, rods, ect around Columbus is sad and ive never been one to just use what everyone else is and im not changing that because store owners cant wake up and give anglers what they want. Idiot store like that miss out on $1000's of my dollars ever year.

    Nuff said,
  18. Character Zero

    Character Zero Smallie Phan

    dale, i'll agree with that.. the easton location is full of rude, snot nosed brats who wouldnt even be able to jump start a car, yet alone guide me to the proper location of goods.. i seriously felt like i was inconviencing the staff there on saturday while asking where the clearanced items were moved to. things need to change there, or no sales can really affect a business.....thank the allmighty i bought plenty of bass gear before the switch..............
  19. JBJ


    You answered yourself with that statement. Basic retail economics dictates that you want to carry what sells the most. That is what you are in business for, to make money. If an item doesn't sell very well, you see it available as a clearance item. Then you will either see less of it available the next season or it won't be carried at all.

    This leads to a very good fishing tip: When you find a lure that works well and you don't see anyone else using it, buy as much of it as you can. Next year it might not be available at the same store or the manufacturer may discontinue production.
  20. BlueBoat98

    BlueBoat98 Where's Waldo?

    I sincerely hope that DSG in Columbus does improve but I'm doubtful. Two of them in the Dayton area are on my commute route and I rarely bother to stop. It's more productive to go to the WalMarts on the same exits. Dick's is a lot more about golf, shoes and sexy workout clothes than fishing or hunting. My office is 15 minutes from BPS and that's where I spend most of my shopping time. I do spend a reasonable amount of time in Columbus and frequently visited both of the Galyan's. Sometimes I went to both in the same day just for fun and I have spent several hundred dollars there. IMHO Gander is a distant second to Galyan's but far superior to DSG.

    Hopefully Blaise can share these posts with management as evidence of how we "hard core" guys feel about the change. We are only a fraction of their potential clientele so if a couple dozen here feel this way there are thousands of others who simply don't have a forum to express their opinion.