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Galveston Bay, TX

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by dakotaman, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. Leaving tomorrow for Galveston Bay. We'll be fishing the flats and oyster beds for Redfish and speckled trout. We usually catch a flounder or two mixed in as well. We'll even night fish one of the evenings over night.. Anchor up on an oyster reef. I will report when I return Monday.
  2. Well We had the best trip yet out of four years to Galveston Bay. We ended up with 52 Speckled trout, 6 Sand Trout, 1 black Drum, and 1 Redfish. Weather was awesome. Fishing was better. Even took the sand trout, red fish, and drum to a local resteraunt to have them cooked up. We ate tons of local oyster, crab, shrimp and fish all week. Might even plan a trip there this February. Highly recommend it if you haven't been.

  3. Isn't there a hurricane churning down there?
  4. Do you have any pics of what you caught...Sounds like a fun trip.
  5. I would call a head and make sure you have a place to stay
  6. I hope your outta there by now.15 inches of rain will wipe that place out for a few days. Good luck to ya all!
  7. Yeah, we're all back. I got back Friday night (unexpectedly) and my buddies came back Sunday night. The hurricane is further south. Perfect timing on our part. Housing there is really cheap. You can rent a whole house easily for $75-$125 a night. I'll try to get some pics up.
  8. Day 1 harvest

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  9. Day 2 Catch ( Most of em)

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  10. Day 3 (Half of them) Didnt get a picture of the harvest in the afternoon. Buddies weren't thinking about pics when they returned after stopping at a few bars and a sand bar in the boat before heading in!! Anyone interested in a great guide, PM for details.

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