Gallbladder pain?

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  1. Two weeks ago, I had a pain in my right side. Figured it was a pulled muscle and it went away in one day. Three days ago, I had another sharp pain in the area of the right side, bottom of my ribcage which seemed to move back and forth from there to approx. the same area in my back. It's gone today. I did a bit of e-research and sounds like gallbladder/stones. Any one had this and what was done for it?
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  3. Once they (the stones) get to a certain size, the only way is to remove the gall bladder (from what I understand). It's a very easy procedure these days. They make a few very small incisions, and take it out. My neighbor had it done last year, and was raking leaves the next day. Of course, everyone reacts differently to surgery.

    I had the same symptoms as you are going through a few years back. My doctor had me go to the hospital for an ultrasound, which showed no gall stones at all.

    Your best bet is to consult your physician.
  4. First off, see your family doctor! Next, try to see what kind of foods set it off. We Americans have a very fatty diet--try cutting out fat or at least down. Another thing to check is if you get it after eating things that have a lot of seeds like sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, tomatoes, etc as that would aggravate diverticulitis. Both of these can be controlled with a change in diet unless you are willing to suffer. Either way. see you family doctor!
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    Go to the doctor! I had a similar pain 2 years ago in the same area of my body, I let it bother me for 2 weeks before I went to my Doctor. I went to the Doctor and 3 hours later I was being prepped for an emergency appendectomy! Better safe than sorry! My Appendix ended up being perferated, not quite ruptured, but close. My Doctor said I was lucky to get there when I did. The recovery sucked, but I do have some sweet pictures of my appendix to show my kids someday!
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    all i can say is i thought i had the flu while i was deer hunting yrs ago went home layed on the couch for 3 days then the wife made me go to the emergency room.turns out my gall bladder is ready to burst!doctor said it was the size of a small pear he said its supposed to be the size of your thumb and its gotta come out!the big problem was i laid on the couch for 3 days thinkin i had the flu I WAS POISONING MYSELF ended up being very sick for three wks till i could clean it out of my system.GO TO THE DOCTOR
  7. Stay away from grezey foods they cause the gall blader to put out more bile to digest the food if you have stones this is what causes it to hurt.Also if you eat something thst gives you a attack or indegestion drink some milk and take a tums or digell.This will help watch what you eat if you keep haveing attacks get to the doctor and have him check you out.This is from experance with the gallblader till mine was taken out.My wife still has the same trouble with hers,the drugest told her about the milk and tums she hasent had a atack in almost a year now. Tight lines Fishguy
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    Here comes some natural things:

    Alfalfa cleanses the liver, take 1000 mg of it warm water. Peppermint capsules are used in Europe to cleanse the gall bladder.

    For gall stones take 3 tbls spoons of olive oil with the juice of a lemon before bed and as soon as you get up in the am. (Helps them pass).

    Drink Apple juice and it will help to keep the gall bladder clean.

  9. I would seek other means to deal with your condition.
  10. I have an appointment this afternoon. It quit hurting yesterday but I'm still going. I had been to a Chinese buffet the day before and always overdo those occasions!? During my research on the net, I found a holistic site that said first to seek medical help, and that they have a "kit" to clean it up and stop reoccurance of attacks. They also said to steep flax seeds into a tea, strain, and drink it(8 ounces) once/twice a day for relief of pain-also, beet juice or beet extract pills(for pain, and clearing up). Maybe GNC has those, haven't checked. Thanks for the inputs.
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    I had my gall bladder removed about a year and a half ago and the pain I had was unreal. I could be walking around and just about fall to the ground in pain. I watched what I ate and was already on Nexium for acid reflux. However the pain kept coming. I did testing off and on for over a year and they figured out that I did not have gall stones but that my gall bladder only worked part of the time. They finally decided to remove it. Although the first week after my surgery really sucked I quickly got used to it and feel much better than I did.

    I still have to watch eating fatty foods and other things. One big thing to many people including me and my dad (had his out too) is pop.... Soda pop will set either one of us off, really fatty foods, and acidic foods... Especially OJ which I really love to drink I usually cant have.

    If you have more ?s let me know. By all means I'm no expert but I've been through it and can tell you all of my results.... Also BTW... Apple Juice also isnt the best to be drinking (especially if you have acid reflux) on top of things. :)
  12. Stop the madness bro...for cripes sake, did you actually read what you typed??

    Go to your doctor and get a diagnosis...hopefully it is something as simple as a diet change...
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    I would see the doc first, then afterwards the holistic would be just as a "preventive maintenance" so to speak.
  14. Like the COMPLETE! quote says above, I went to the doc. The holistic stuff was just for information. He is doing blood work and scheduling an ultrasound. He said if I have stones, it comes out. If not, more tests to see if it's functioning properly. More later! Thanks to all!
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    Welcome to the world of "OLD"...! :D
    Please don't even think of self diagnoses in the usually doesn't did the right thing by seeing a doctor. I'll leave it at that and hope all is well in the end. ;)

    BTW...your screen name is a little ironic...!
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    Good Luck CJ,

    The ultra sound is pretty cool to watch actually. The bummer is if they do the test on the gall blatter to see if it's working where they inject you with something... That hurts like a SOB if they don't do it right.

    I had that test done twice.

    1st time hurt like heck and they didnt find anything wrong
    2nd time they did a much better job and it wasn't so bad. That was then they told me mine wasnt working right.

    Hopefully nothing is wrong or it's a stone. :)
  17. Ultrasound tomorrow. Then we proceed from there. Later.
  18. Ultrasound showed 'normal' for gallstones. My wife received a phoned in report of the scan readings. Seems I have a (liquid sack) cyst on my right kidney which would typically show up on ultrasound. I checked it on the net and found 50% or more of people over 50 yrs. have these-some never know it. They can cause the same type(usually less severe) pain as gallstones and-frequent urination!(Who over 50 doesn't have that?) Can be removed othoscopically, are usually beneign and not to be concerned with-doctor does followup in 6-12 months to monitor them for growth. I have followup appt. with him in a couple weeks to discuss, unless I hear from him sooner.