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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fish4wall, May 17, 2004.

  1. wow what at sunday...
    my buds and i hit big wallnut in galena sunday ....
    was in the water at 6am fished till 1pm.
    it started out slow but just north of the bridge there was
    a group of guys killing them...
    well got talking to them (they where a GREAT bunch of guys)
    thats when the action started....
    i ended up with 15 white bass one was 16in. i know if we had started there
    i would still be cleaning bass :eek: :eek:
    now i know 15 not alot but this one guy had 100 eazy.....
    i'll have pics as soon as my dsl get hooked back up.
    but i love the fight of white bass....
  2. ok boys and gals...
    im going to begg mamma if i can go out this weekend....wish me

  3. I sure hope the lake White Bass taste better than the Ohio River White Bass. Growing up on the Ohio river we called White bass trash fish and would never eat them because they were awful to eat.
  4. Snyd its in all how you clean what time of year you catch kids love them...if the water stays cold there great...
  5. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    glad you finally had some fun,scott.hopefully i'll see you there friday and we can get some crappies to go with them :cool:
  6. Looks like you got some really nice ones! I should have went there instead of all the way up to Freemont. Nice job. You are right about cleaning them the right way, makes all the differnce.
  7. Hay Guys The trick with white bass is to get them on ice as soon as you can. They are high fat content fish and get oiley fast unless you get them on ice or keep them alive. Try this some time clean one and skin it and one just scaled and cleaned then cook them and you will think you are eating two different fish,also always freeze your fish in water you can eat them two or more years later and no freezer burn. Been doing this for forty years. I have been vacume packing them the last two years seems to work also. just a little info Good Luck Fishing Fish Guy :)
  8. I always cut the skin off mine and leave just a little bit of meat on the skin. There is some dark mead close to the skin that will give it a strong taste if you leave it on.
    Fishguy, when you use the vacume packing do you put water in the bag also? I always use ziplock bags and put water in with the fish but my dad has a vacume packer that i might try if it works as good.
  9. Twistertail No i do not use any water if you go to the Tillia web site it tells you to freeze the fish for about two hours and then vacume them.I have never tryed that i use to pot them in zip locks add water and then squeeze the air out which also works great did it that way for years.I have eaten some that were three years old you could not tell it and no freezer burn.An old tale is if it comes out of water freeze it in water. Good luck Fishguy :)
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    Do you put the water so it is actually on the fish when frozen or are the fish in a ziplock and the water is frozen around the fish in another container?
    I am not a big fish eater but my wife is. I bring a few home and she sometimes cleans and freezes right away and sometimes just bags them and puts them in the freezer and cleans another day.
  11. Put the fillets in the bag and then fill the bag the rest of the way with water. Tap the bag a little to get all the air bubbles out and seal it. The most important thing is to make sure there is no air in the bag, the air is what causes freezer burn.
  12. Have you guys ate White Bass out of the Ohio River? I have tried everything to make them taste good. If I have to doctor it up to where you can't even tell that it is fish you are eating its not worth it. Now, I have never ate White Bass from a lake because of the memories I got when trying to eat them out of the Ohio River. I lived on the Ohio River growing up and my parents still live near the river. I have caught hundreds of white bass only to throw them back because of the nasty taste when trying to eat them.
  13. I have never had them fromt he river. I've had them from Deer Creek and Lake Erie mostly. I think the biggest thing is when you clean them to leave a little meat on the skin. There is some dark meat close to the skin that will give them a strong taste.
  14. im heading there the day off.....
    i hope there still there....
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    Thanks for the freezing tip Twistertail. I passed the info on to the mrs.