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g3 boats

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by snifer, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. looking to buying a new boat. ive been looking real hard at a g3 eagle 175. if anyone owns or has input on these boats it would be a big help. thanks :confused:
  2. Marshall

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    I don't own one but I like them. They seem to be laid out nicely and probably would be my choice if I were to buy and aluminum boat. I would get the g3 over a tracker any day. I also like the prices on the g3 compared to others. I have a 97 , 17' sea nymph with mod v hull and i will tell you they (the mod v's) aren't very good in rough water,(example 15 to 25mph winds on alum creek) you'll get wet. But that is the trad-off. With that said i love my mod v. They are stable fishing platforms and can go real shallow. With a 50hp you can expect to go in the 30's mph. Mine will hit 35 gps with just me and a little gas in the tank but normally around 33 with a buddy and gear. Just to give you an idea if speed is a concern. Good luck on you new boat of choice.

  3. ShakeDown

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    I've heard nothing but good things about G3's. Both price and quality, compared to comparable models.
  4. Love my G3 HP200!Rides nice.Loads of storage.The only thing I didn't like was no shocks on the rod lockers.Might put some after market ones on.I've had to tell many people that my boat is actually aluminum.They thought it was fiberglass.If you have any questions e-mail me at your looking for a left over with good price.The guy whose opening the new Boat boys in North Jackson has a couple G3HP170 or 180 with 115's I think.
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    this is my '99 G3 with a 40 on the back. i cant say enough good things about this boat. very stable and good dry ride....unless your plowing thru the big motor lakes
    i hit, if i remember right, 32-33 mph on gps with a full load, down on cave run lake ky.
    ive also had this down on lake cumberland ky and managed some fairly rough water with it. decent layouts for storage and the only gripe is the front seat is mounted too close to the bow for comfortable foot control on the trolling motor. i fixed this by adding an adjustable seat slider for that seat. 2-3 inches does wonders for saving your knees. after 6 years the only thing wrong is some screws coming loose and lost thier bite.... easily fixed with bigger screws.
    i believe ogf member lakeraider has, or had one as well and hadnt heard any complaint from him... im sure he'll chime in if he see this.
    i got mine at Atwood lake boats, but i think they switched over to smokercrafts.... :( .... think youll be happy if you get a G3 :)
  6. thanks for the input so far. the one i was looking at had a 70 yamaha on it. hopefully thats all the power i need. probably be fishing places like eastfork lake and the ohio river in the new richmond pool. heard there was some good smallmouth in that pool. so far im leaning to the g3. thanks again
  7. Great boat for the river!It'll take the bumps and bruises from the floating trash and the rocks better.I fish the Ohio to!New Cumberland pool