G/O results from Sunday 9/28/08

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  1. DaleM

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    Sorry for posting so late but here's the results:

    1st. Place
    Jeff & Pat
    6 bass
    8:31 Lbs.

    2nd. Place
    Mike & Kenny
    5 fish
    5.18 Lbs.

    3rd. place
    Bill & Chip
    3 fish
    5.11 Lbs.
    Also Big Bass: 3.31 Lbs.

    We will be at O'Shaugnessy this coming Sunday.
    Times will be 7:00 AM ( or safe light) weigh in @ 1:00 PM
  2. Congrats to Mike and Kenny. O'shay is VERY low right now, guesstimating about 8ft or so. my friend and I went out this last Sunday and tore up the prop and lower unit skeg so please be careful out there.:B