G.M tow/haul mode?

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    i have a tow/haul mode on my transmission and usually use it when towing my boat. but this week i made 2 trips to long lake in akron and back. according to my drivers iformation system in tow/haul mode i used 7 gallons of gas for the round trip. today without it i used a little over 4 gallons??? i may not be using it anymore!
  2. I'd think a screwed up transmission would cost a lot more than 3 gallons of gas....

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    If your boat trailer and gear are under 2000 lb do not use it.
  4. Tow/haul mode shuts off overdrive. Like FreeByrdSteve said, you do so at the peril of your transmission.
    Bruce does make a good point also, though. Does depend on what you are towing and what size truck you have.
  5. Alot of trucks (including mine) dont have tow haul mode and they can still tow without damaging the transmission. I think tow haul mode is just a waste of gas.
  6. Jleo, do you have a overdrive, d with a circle around it, and a regular d on your shifter? Been a long time since I seen a vehicle without overdrive and never seen a truck that the overdrive could not be shut off on which is what is supposed to be done when towing.
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    my rig is less than 2,000 lbs and i just used the t/w mode because it was there not knowing it would eat up that much more gas?
  8. I use mine like this. When hualing heavy I keep it out of overdrive around the city stop start stuff, due to the fact my vehicle will dump into overdrive at 43mph, this keeps it from shifting back and forth from O.D. When I get up to freeway speed I'll put it into OD. My truck will stay in OD on flat and slight grades, If a long hill is coming or I have to pass someone i'll bump it out. If you think your vehicle has a small trans cooler add one Heat kills transmissions more than anything
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    you don't need it on the highway, if your in the city with a heavy load you might want to use it I personally don't even use mine anymore and I get about 14 mpg towing my ranger
  10. If you drop your driving speed back to about 55mph you will regain much of the lost fuel and your tranny will love you too!
  11. Snackmans Dad is def right on the money about adding a aftermarket trans cooler, or atleast a bigger and better one than what was offered from the factory, i see it this way, if in tow mode or out of tow mode or overdrive or drive, either way it goes if ur hauling heavy loads you should use the tow mode/drive and not engage the overdrive for the simple fact: is it worth taking the chance of destroying ur tansmission and costing not a few bucks of gas but a few grand to replace the transmission and possibly being stranded with a boat, or anything else ur trailering that cant be towed when they tow ur truck in to the shop which means u gotta spend more money to have someone go get the trailer that was stranded that could possibly get stolen now which could cost u even more to replace or insurance premiums go up? JMO id rather be safe than sorry
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    i think if you are pulling more than 2,000 lbs an oil cooler may be needed. here in N.E.ohio we are all pulling on relatively flat land.my 16 ft rig w/ a 40 hp is only about 1500 lbs at most. if your pulling an18ft lund with a kicker then you should have a dealer installed tow package on your vehicle which usually means you have the tranny cooler.
  13. Tow/Haul mode in a gmc will not disengage the overdrive, in order to do that you need to pull in 3rd. Tow mode just makes the transmission hold your gears a lil longer b4 shifting. 3rd will cancel out your o/d. This is what I was told by the transmission folks at GM, not the dealership. I had always owned Fords and all you had to do with them was push a button to take it outta o/d. So thats why I called the customer service folks that put me in touch with the tranny people.
  14. Standard Equipment
    Tow/Haul mode
    When activated for trailering or driving in the mountains, this feature reprograms the automatic transmission. The Tow/Haul mode feature changes the shift schedule to help reduce the frequency and improve the predictability of transmission shifts.
    © 2007 General Motors Corp.
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    Tow/Haul is just another way Big Oil is selling you some more fuel. I remember way back my parents dragged a large camper with a buick.
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    I'm with you on this one, Shortdrift. That video was likely produced by some Environmental group and has nothing to do with the reason stated.

    One other thing that hasn't been mentioned about T/H mode is that in some application, it also provides engine braking. To me that's a very good safety feature and is worth sacrificing a little efficiency.
    If I'm towing a heavy load (over +6 tons) for long distances, I keep it engage and the mileage does not vary more then a couple of miles a gallon.
    Heavy acceleration and operation above optimum torque will burn more fuel. Find out what the optimum torque is and stay there...!

    Just my .02...! :D
  18. Hook that is why I still drive a stick shift. Just tonight I had a heavy load of lumber on the trailer car pulled out in front of me and I do not know if I could have stopped it in time without banging it into 3rd from 5th and all but locking up the trailer brakes. Other good thing about a stick shift is nobody ever wants to borrow my truck or even drive it.
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    You gotta love those hand shaker's...they're good for more than just a quick shift. I do miss them...but just too old too drive one. :D

    So does this mean I can't drive your truck...! ;)