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  1. I just recently ( Last year ) started fishing the GMR. The only place on the river Ive fished on the river is around Tipp City, off of 571 ( across from some gravel pit ). I was thinking of wading the area this weekend, and trying to catch some pike, saugeye, and/or smallies. Does anyone else have any luck on this area? Also, Honey Creek surrounds the city I live in. And I was wondering where the creek runs into the GMR. It's gotta be somewhere around 571 / 202.

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    I have fished the stretch of the GMR you are refering to and have prob even seen you there. I go there when I just want to blow off some steam or catch some bait fish. I'm not sure I'd post the exact location of that spot, as I have seen it get more and more vistors w/in the last couple years. In fact it seems like the partiers may now have found it. The other day I found certain articles of clothing there. Let's just say there were some girls (and guys?) that went in with more than they came out with. Normally I'd have cleaned the trash up, but I wasnt touching that stuff!!!

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    Honey ck drops in just up from 571,TC1