G Loomis spinning rod

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  1. Just picked up a Loomis IMX med. spinning rod for jigging walleye/saugeye. The sensitivity is what I'm after and really couldn't care less about the whole Loomis prestige factor. For all I care it could say Big Willy Rods or anything else for that matter as long as it helps me detect the light biters. Does anyone fish with this rod, and if so how would you rate it overall?
  2. hehe i infact have one and love it. It is my favorite rod for harness fishing. It has alot of backbone and a really soft tip. Just don't use braided line with it or it will burn a groove in your tip. I did that and was pretty nasty. Would recommend to use either P-Line or Gamma. But rod overall is about a 9 out of 10

    BTW. Did you what action and power did you get?
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  3. Thanks for the input. I was planning on using 8# Fireline. I'm a little suprized that braid smoked your eye like that. I've used basically the same guides in other rods with braid and never saw any signs of wear after a lot of use.
    The rod I have is SJR 782 med. fast tip. 6'6" I changed my mind on getting a 6' like I originally planned and went with the 6'6" after I played with both of them.