FX's "THE SHIELD".... it's almost time

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by H2O Mellon, Nov 24, 2008.

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    Just over 24 hours guys and we'll get to watch what is being reported as one of the most exciting series finales ever.

    It's been a great run for this kick butt show!

    Below is a spoiler from The Ausiello Files web site. I think Ausiello works for TV Guide or ET if I'm not mistaken. Dont scroll down if you dont want to be spoiled.... a little. ;)

    Q: Got any scoop on the series finale of The Shield? —Thomas
    A: Yes, but I'm going to be extra careful and slap a ''major spoiler alert'' on this thing: Nov. 25's 90-minute capper features at least four significant deaths, one of the most intense Mackey-Claudette confrontations ever, and a final scene that is equal parts funny, tragic, and suspenseful. Oh, I forgot to add satisfying. Insanely satisfying.

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    Love that series. Bummed that it’s going to be over :( . Chicklas is on of my favorite actors. Enjoyed watching him play “The Commish”, Thing in “The Fantastic Four” and even in “The Three Stooges” when he played Curly. The shield has to be one of the only program where I actually rooted for the dirty cop. Gonna miss it.

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    Yeap... for sure. I'm a little young for The Commish, but remember it somewhat. If you watch CBS's The Unit and FX's SOA you'll see a few characters (or actorss I should say) from The Shield. The most recent being last nights Unit. Ronnie from the Shield was playing a fake FBI agent. Shawn Ryan is of corse associated with both The Shield and The Unit and Kevin Sutter from SOA had worked on The Shield alot. Sort of cool to see the actors in different roles.
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    Opinions on the finale?

    Sort of felt bad for Ronnie.

    The spolier was right, 4 of the people in the big picture got it. (Shane, his wife, preg w/ child and son.) I'll admit, I sure as hell didnt see that one coming.