Future Catfish Lake in Progress

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fisherman5567, Aug 30, 2007.

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    I went last night to eastwood metropark and they were biting non-stop! The problem was that most of them were channels less than a lb in weight. I did catch a couple that were around 2lbs, but were still small. Good thing is they bit nonstop for the hour and a half that i was there. So here in a few years eastwood will be the place to go for channel cats!
  2. i'd have to agree with you there..

    this summer alone....i caught about 4-6 dozen cats at eastwood. i usually throw out 2-4 lines with night crawlers on them and less than a minute later all 4 rods have something.

    i have noticed that aside from a a very few larger ones...most of the cats were around the 1-2 lbs range.

    i shore fish there because i dont have a boat but i still get those cats.

  3. Where do you catch em? Ive gone there numerous times but have never caught a channel cat
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    I'm assuming you mean "We" thorw 4 lines out, not that "I" throw 4 lines out. ;)
  5. that lake actually has a very good population of cats. but, due to it being an old gravel pit they (at least the bigger ones) feed a little differently and are harder to pattern. beleive it or not there are lots of flatties in there, as well as a few blue cats ( a result of a few local stocking them years back ;) ). the flatties i know for sure are reproducing, but i havent seen a blue caught yet. i imagine they stay near and in the deepest water there. i did hear about a 50+lb "channel" that was caught there last year, i heard it was in the paper. no doubt one of the "transplanted" blues.
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    What kind of bait were you using & where on the lake? I usually go for bass at Eastwood but have attempted some cats a few time with no success. !#
  7. can you tell me how to get to eastwood,im in cincinnati and was wanting to know if it was close enough for me to take the kids. is it free or do you need to pay? thanks
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    I catch most of my cats on the bottom with chicken liver or night crawler... they seem to hit consistenly on that. last thursday i made 10 casts and caught ten cats..nine of them were on liver and weighed only 1-3lbs, but right as i was leaving my blugill on the bottom took off. it ended up being a 9lb channel. (the gill was hand sized...fairly large.)