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  1. has anyone tried them? i found an article how to make them, so was wondering if the suppleness and lack of memory is worth it. i am interested in factors like durability, turnover and abrasion resistance versus the solid mono. also, what if some strands wear off, does the leader fall apart? maybe some of you have tried furled fluoro leaders? do they sink the same as solid? thanks
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    I got one in a fly swap before. never tried it yet tho. I always though it was made more to help turn over dry flies than for nymphing and swinging streamers but now that I just looked and I see there are sinking furled leaders too so now I am wondering just as much as you?

  3. I personally have not managed to destroy one, and I dont use I abuse, so they are tough. I dont know about floro ones, mono is nice, they float well and turn over flies well however I dont like them much. they would probably be nice in places like the smokies(fast turn over and bigger dries) but I feel that they throw too much water and make too much noise for the midging fish I typically am fishing. I guess it comes down to personal preference, my dad likes them for simplicity, just tie on tippet, but I'll stick to the usual tapered leaders.
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    Been using one on my 5 wt for over a year. I love 'em. They seem to last forever, just tie on a floro tippet and go. Using one on my 8 wt also for steel.
  5. Great deal all around..try Streamside...great porduct, great price...or roll your own.
  6. I have been fishing them for several years....I will start this season off with the same leaders I ended last year with (and a couple I have already fished with MORE than 1 year! My furled leaders of choice are....

    Thread leaders (usually uni-thread) treated with a light coating of Mucilin (red tin) for floating, & fluorocarbon for deeper work. They have no equal for turning a fly over & I have absolutely NO complaints.

    I prefer them 2'-3' shorter than the rod I am fishing, coupled with 2'-3' of tippet. Obviously, total length of furled leader plus tippet equal to rod length. That is "general"...you may prefer something different, & there are always exceptions.
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    What Ohiotuber said. These things seem to last forever. I can't imagine trying to braid my own though. Got mine from feathercraft.
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    Use them all the time. Bought mine from someone on OGF.
  9. Small note of warning, furled leaders and any type of prickly plant/tree DO NOT get along.

    Lost a couple this season. One to a blackberry patch and another to some type of bush with tiny little nettles.

    In a couple of places I bushwhack into, the stickers are impossible to avoid but I finally learned to roll the whole leader into the reel before proceding rather than hooking the fly onto the keeper.