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Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by MuskieJim, Apr 1, 2008.

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    Went out today and fished my favorite eastside ditch (literally). Horrible chocolate milk color, but I fished hard anyways. I caught 3 fish within the first twenty minutes, then two hours of nada. Right before I was getting ready to head out I hooked into a big fish and he jetted right into larger water, breaking me off in the rapids. Just as I was about to head out, I see my float coming back upstream! I positioned myself right along a deep undercut, snatched the float with one hand, and was able to net the fish that was still on the line with the other! I couldn't believe it. Just thought I'd share. I was all alone in the woods just laughing hysterically.
  2. I've had weird things like that happen to me when I was all alone before. I never say anything in fear of people not believing me or thinking I'm a complete jacka$$. Great story and....I believe you! :G

  3. Here is one for you that happened on Friday. Snuck out to my favorite ditch, water was good and I assulted the creek! Lots of fish in just 1 hour. anyhow, hooked a freshie and as it was jumping, my line got wrapped around another steelhead. A DOUBLE HEADER !!! I was all by myself, wishing someone was there to witness this. Landed the one on the hook, the twister got off! ahhhhhh, another story to tell around the camp fire!
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    Stuff like that always happens when you’re out by yourself and no ones around to see it. Just makes that outing a little more special plus it’s not often that you catch the same fish twice and know for sure it’s the same fish.
  5. That's a pretty good story. You guys are right, those things normally happen when you are by yourself. It also seems like the bite is always best when you are by yourself, too. Here's the craziest thing that happened to me.

  6. nothin like a good fish story .

    wait a big was that fish??? :D

    thanks for sharin.
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    I need to go out by myself. maybe I will finally catch a steelie. haha.
  8. Try it. They will probably be jumping out of the water and onto your hook in mid-cast... LOL :G