funniest thing you ever reeled in..?!?

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  1. esox62

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    this is a good cabin fever thread also.what strange things have YOU reeled in.
    about 30 yrs ago, fishing the bridge at ladue castin for catfish...i reeled in a glenn miller came in side to side like a bluegill.."i got sumpthin" we were all stoned to the buddy caught a sandal castin for pike in the cuyahoga , last year i took a pal to milton trollin for muskie and he got a half beer bottle..i know muskie guy has these beat...! what you got!?!?
  2. a barbie fishingrod at tappan on a vibe

  3. neocats1

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    I caught a chair at Chippewa Lake a few years back while catfishing.
  4. I have caught my fair shair of oddities in the cuyahoga, but i'd have to say number 1 would be hooking a bike. Didn't actually reel it in, it got away just before shore. :(
  5. Lewzer

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    Used tampons and condoms in the Cuyahoga River at Cascade Valley.
    Last time I went back there about 5 years ago.
    Not the funniest but the nastiest.
  6. my buddy reel in a big rock lol we thought it was a monster bass or walleye i laughed so hard i had tears
  7. Oh man. At first I thought you were going to say at WB. Thank goodness. I brought up, after a considerable fight, a large leather boot like you were in the barn. It was close to Rocksprings bridge.
  8. i reel'd in a yard dart at long lake know those deadly things you throw in the hoop for a game hahahaaaaaaa. i had to use gloves so i wouldnt get bit haaa.
  9. Last spring at my favorite private fishing hole I reeled in a ladder from a floating dock (about three feet in length). It wasn't that funny until I realized I was the third person to hook it and apparently the first to land it. Hooked to the top rung of the ladder were a Beetlespin and a Chartreuse spinner bait.
  10. joe01

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    a tarp, I thought it was my fish of a life time.
  11. Lewzer

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    Thank goodness it wasn't WB is right. I was wading at the time in tennis shoes and shorts too.
  12. A sack full of dead puppies at Berlin
  13. Bulldawg

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    :B A couple years ago in the spring I was at Leesville musky fishing at one of my favorite spots on the lake throwing a sisson bait and something thumped the snot out of my sisson. Thought I had on a world record musky. Turned out I snagged a grass carp in the back. It turned out to be 48" long. I was kinda mad it wasnt a musky but at least I knew my hooks where sharp enough.
  14. fisherman5567

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    Man that is horrible, I bet you were suprised to see that! I once pulled in a rusty "leatherman" type tool
  15. My Dad once reeled in a Gar when we were fishing at Presque Isle. That isn't that strange, I know, but the Gar apparently had struck someone elses line before his, and the other persons line was wrapped so tightly around the gar's mouth that it couldn't feed. My dad's hook had caught the line. So when we got it in we cut the other persons line free. We realized that we actually had saved that fish's life!
  16. bassmastermjb

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    This would fall in the strangest thing I ever caught category.I used to fish a graveyard in Fairlawn back in the early 80's.One day I caught a 3 lb bass that was very strange.It had a norman sized head, but had 2 complete full sized bodies growing off of it side by side.Could have had 4 fillets off 1 fish,but I threw it back to make somebody elses day..........Mark

    P.S. Ever notice every giant bass you catch only has 1 eye
  17. bassmastermjb

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    Got another one, Back in the 70's we used to fish Fairport Harbor alot when the perch fishing was hot.We fished off the long pier like everybody else.My dad pulled in a nice perch and noticed the fish was caught before and still had the snelled hook hanging out of its mouth.My dad never caught the fish,his hook caught the loop of the other snelled hook.
  18. Perch fishing off 72nd I caught a pair of hip waders. Waves were 3 foot & we thought I had the next world record walleye. That thing fought like heck.
  19. Fishin' Coach

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    When we used to surf fish off Sandy Hook Island in New Jersey those used to float in and land on the beach, the local use to call em’ condoms were "coney island whitefish" and tampon applicators were "beach whistles"

    My favorites--

    1. While steelhead fishing in Michigan, a friend of mine caught a stringer full of 1/2 decayed salmon that had been dead going on a month Im guessin...

    2. While verticle jigging off the reefs on Erie my buddy reeled in an 8lb anchor with 2 foot of rope attached to it. We tol him he was snagged on the bottem and just snap it of, but he swore it was "moving" anfter 30min he got it up with 8lb test.

    3. 8 years ago while fishing the maumee I reeled in a shimano stridic, with a 7' ugly stick.

    4. A few years ago, while fishing around the train trussle, (evidently there had been a train wreck earlier) we "caught" 2 pairs of pants and 3 suite jackets still in plastic, and last I snagged a teddy bear that when it surfaced looked like a wet decaying baby... that one took the cake.
  20. While fishing in a drainage pond in a housing development in Columbus, I reeled in a dead skunk on a rebel minnow. I almost puked