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  1. What is everyone's go to smallie baits in the lmr. I am just board. I have had good luck with a green and orange rooster tail. In the spring rattle traps. Ronnie
  2. shadesplace

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    i've yet to catch a river smallie this year. LOL probally because i mostly fish ponds. haha

  3. tubes are a good way to get bit, bunny flies, sneaky petes and clousers catch fish, black buzzbaits are effective but my favorite topwater is a big spook, never know what will destract you from smallie fishing throwing those things. and occasionally i fish with baby squirrels:D
  4. forget baby squirrels, i use kittens to get the big boys. seriously though, you cant beat a 4 inch smoke curly tail
  5. Cordon

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    2.5" Yum Craw Bug on a stand up jig head..... Deadly!!!!
  6. cordon knows what the big boys are hittin. that craw pattern has been so good for me this year. something with orange in it has been key for me.

    caught this one tow nights ago
  7. three inch watermelonseed colored worm fished on an eighth or sixteenth ounce jig
  8. not a LMR fisherman usually fish the SWR. However for river smallies its usually a rebel craw, Followed by a rooster tail and then a crawbug or tube
  9. LMRsmallmouth

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    cordon.....where did you hear about that setup....hehe, those things suck!
  10. Cordon

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    LMRsmallmouth... I think if you are on this board long enough nothing is a secret!! NOW its up to you guys to find the deadly color!!!!
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    Poll Question.......

    Fishing with my Rebel craw and having no luck, so I put a chartruese curly tail behind the rebel craw and POW, second cast I got a nice one.

    P.S. When I saw the title "Fun Pole" I wasn't sure where this was going!! :)
  12. My favorite lure has been a blue and silver rebel pop-r this summer. Rebel craws, tubes and spinnerbaits have been my most productive, though. Mostly fished in the east fork little miami.
  13. sevenx

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    From fly fishing stand point. Cheartruse and yellow clouser. Sneaky's (not much on em this year though) black olive brown and orange weighted bunny leach's as well as unwieghted depending on conditions. Love that bunny its like the crack for smallies. S
  14. My favorate is curlytail grub. I dont think color matters much. Concentrate on presentation and lure type.