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The other week my 2 grandchildren and I went bluegill fishing at a Ky. county lake. We got red worms and wax worms at a local mom & pop bait store on the way to the lake. My grandson challenged me and my granddaughter that he would catch more fish than the 2 of us. We got our lines in the water around 10:40, and the fish started hitting. It was nip & tuck as for the count for most of the time; however he did pull away around 1:30. My granddaughter and I were never able to get closer than 10 fish after that time.

We moved to another spot at the lake, and the fish were more aggressive to hit the bait. We called it a day around 3:15 to beat the traffic home. My grandson set a new record for himself at that lake, 79 bluegills one 8 inch L.M.Bass. My granddaughter and I lost count later in the day, but believe we landed around 50-60 bluegills. As a reward for a great time together we stopped for some ice cream on the way home
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