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Fun at the dock

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Blue Pike, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. It was a balmy July evening, I had just spent the last six hours fishing crank baits for walleyes and bass, it was time to get off the water and home to a good meal and take it easy.
    As I was approaching the dock I could see her, and she was a full-sized one.
    She had a cooler, a small radio and one of them foldout things that a person could lie on, not sure what they are called but this young lady had it stretched out to the max.

    I’m watching her as I tie the boat to the end of the dock. She didn’t move an inch, this is not good I think she is asleep, but I’m not sure she has on sunglasses.
    I hit the boat against the concrete dock. Nothing she never moved. Dang it anyway, she is asleep and she has the dock blocked. I need to get past her to get the truck and trailer.

    Hey, I see a way past her. I have maybe 6 inches on the left.
    If I step between the cooler and the radio with my right foot I’ll be able to step onto the 6 inches she left me on the left and swing my leg over the top of her. She will never know I was there. ---- Looks good to me.

    I went to step over the cooler ---- Never seen it didn’t have a clue it was there.
    A Pepsi can, a 12 oz. Pepsi can.
    It’s too late the foot was already coming down and nothing was stopping it at this point.
    My heel caught the top of the can and down ol’ Blue Pike go’s.

    I land face first on the young lady in the lounge.

    I wasn’t a pretty sight.
    The lounge thing broke, the radio falls in the water and the earsplitting screams coming from the young lady are heard by every person on the lake.
    I’m on top of her with my face between her --- Lets just say my head hits her in the chest. I’m trying to get up but cannot because my arm is under the lounge thing and we (the lady and I) are on the lounge thing. We are flopping around, she is trying to push me off of her and I’m trying to get up but she has my arm pinned to the concrete.
    Finally my arm gets free and I’m off of her in a heartbeat.

    WOW --- That lady knew every cuss word in the book. I think she called me each and every one of them.
    I never said a word, just wiped the blood off my arm and walked to my truck.

    As I was backing the trailer down the ramp I see this guy standing next to the lady, he’s holding the broken lounge and she has the cooler and his fishing pole. This is the same guy that was fishing about 200 ft down the bank from the dock.

    I’m thinking – This guy angry – Hey, I knocked his radio in the water, broke his lounge chair, and his wife and I flopped around on the dock for about 30 seconds me on top of her with my face between her--- with my head buried in her chest.

    Nope --- He wasn’t angry at all, as a matter of fact, as I got out of the truck he put the broken lounge chare down and said --- Hey, I’ll get your boat and bring it to you.
    He pulled the boat up to the trailer and tossed me the line.
    The dude is laughing his a** off, I look at the lady. She has tears in her eyes, not from crying, she is laughing too. So I start laughing.

    The guy (Jim) had seen it all happen. As I was getting the truck & trailer he told his wife what had happened. Yes, she was sleeping.
    We talked for a little bit then I started for the truck.

    The last thing she said to me as I was getting into the truck. --- I hope it was better for you than it was for me; you scared the heck out of me.

    I just smiled and got in the truck. Jim, he's laughing again.
  2. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Great story man. Nice read for a cold Fall evening. Can't wait 'till winter to see some of the stories that will be posted.