Fun afternoon bassin'.

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  1. Hit my favorite private lake yesterday afternoon. In five hours I boated ten bass (largest 3.5 lbs) and a 31" northern. The male bass were on the beds...the females on the first drop off in 6 FOW. No sign of the big bass...may have spawned already? All of the fish (including the pike) took Culprit worms, fished completely weightless. All were released. Fun afternoon.
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    Great report... thanks.
    I have a question for you on your technique.
    Were you working the plastics up the slope or down the slope?
    Were you deadsticking or swimming/hopping that unweighted worm?

    Thanks again for sharing your success.


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    sounds like you had a fun day. what color was the worm?
  4. they havent spawned yet,with the way these coldfronts are it prolly wont be till june.depends on how shallow your private pond is tho.
  5. 7-1/2" red shad Culprit, 3/0 Gamakatsu wide gap worm hook (3/0 True Turn sometimes if there are more weeds). I fish from a boat and work from the shore out. Let the worm settle to the bottom, SLOWLY lift the rod time about 2', crank up the slack as you lower the rod tip and pause at least 30 seconds before you repeat. The bass will often follow it out but not hit until the worm is back on the bottom.

    Not really a swim or a's just like fishing a walleye jig, but in super slow motion. Never let the line get completely slack.

    Light line (8lb) early in the year before the weeds come out. Heavy line (12lb +) later to horse the fish away from the weeds.

    Red Shad is a favorite, but any Cuprit color works well (i've fished them all). The white tail ones are helpful when sight fishing.

    This method does not work well when the fish are tight in thick weeds, as the weeds will prevent the unweighted worm from sinking.
  6. I hit my favorite private pond yesterday right as the cloud cover and rain blew in. Perfect conditions for a buzzbait if I have ever seen them. Caught 4 on the buzzbait, and missed 3 more. Switched to a big (3/8 oz) spinnerbait and caught 4 more, missed 1 more. All were a solid 2-3 lbs, and they got STRONG over the past week. I even had a couple jump completely out of the water! All caught in the space of about an hour and 15 minutes. Best day I've had yet this year, following a one strike outing earlier in the week!