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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Big Daddy, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. "TACKLE MAKING" achieves full forum status!!!

    Congrats fellas. The tackle making subforum was so popular and full of AWESOME information, we decided to give it full forum status.

    TIGGER, thanks for the suggestion. As I have said before, the amount of quality information on building tackle that is housed here absolutely astonishes me. The combined talent of all of you plus the willingness to share the information is nothing less than extraordinary. THANK YOU to everyone and keep the GREAT info coming.
  2. Glad to see that tackle and lure craft info will carry on. I have more lures on the prep and paint shelf right now myself, and a few that are finished. Four of them are headed to Florida for the Federation Championship at Toho this weekend. I was glad to make them for that Angler, I hope they serve him well. :B

  3. People who work to build their own stuff are extraordinary imo. I have followed this a little and the quality of what people build is amazing.

    Making this a "full forum" is a great decision. OGF.....ya done it again. Thanks.
  4. BigDaddy300

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    That is great news for the tackle making forum but kind of a shame for the anglers legacy program. I wish that forum would get more notice and posts.
  5. ezbite

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    got to say i agree, i have taken the pledge and would not have know about it if was not for the forum. i guess it was one or the other. i like the decision. those tackle makers do on fine job. even have inspired me to do a little of my own:D