Full Curl Sheep, 11 year old grandson

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by Buckeye Bob, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Buckeye Bob

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    Some of you might remember when I posted up my then 9 year old grandson with his first black bear. Well this last August at age 11 he got his first full curl dall sheep up in Alaska. I was proud of him for being able to even get back into the spot...hard climbing that'll make grown men cry. Needless to say I'm one proud grandpa. 250 yard shot..one shot kill.

    For those that may be interested I've got a slideshow posted at Kodak Gallery covering Alaska Memories since 1978...it's been added to every year and can be seen here:
  2. WOW I can not think of any other word to describe that.

  3. misfit

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    awesome,bob.i know that is tough hunting,but not surprising,knowing your kids/gkids are following in your footsteps.congrats to him on bagging of a well earned trophy that most only dream of.
  4. krustydawg

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    Very cool ! Not many 11 year olds have that opportunity..

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  5. WOW ! ! ! ! Congrat's to the young sportsman ! ! ! Awesome Job ! ! !
  6. Fishpro

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    Bob! Good to see you on again.:) Congrats to your Grandson, thats an awesome animal!
  7. That was a cool photo gallery. Looks like many good memories over the years. Congrats to your grandson, that's quite a shot.
  8. Buckeye Bob

    Buckeye Bob rrbski, The Happy Carper

    Thanks guys. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Appreciate you posting up the pic properly Krustydawg.

    Fishpro...now there's a name that brings back some great memories...as in my scouting expedition for carp up in E. Harbor. May be calling ya again for a tour of the Maumee in Toledo area this winter.
  9. Fishpro

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    Yep, I had some good memories pop in my head when I seen you back on too Bob. Anytime you want to go scouting of fishing, drop me a PM and I'll give you my #'s.:)
  10. ezbite

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    congrads to the lad. but i have to say, im very impressed with your photo gallery. thanks for sharing all your great memories with us. its always been a dream of mine to get to alaska, harvest a moose and halibut. someday, someday. thanks again, great gallery.