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  1. I have an 82 gallon plastic fuel tank in my boat. I think that the threads to the fittings have been damaged due to an over-aggressive and mis- aligned turn of the wrench. The fix was done on open water with high seas...it was a quick fix that got us home.

    Problem is I can not get the fittings off. It feels stripped and the innermost fitting which I think is called the molded insert, needs replaced.

    Any suggestions? I'm waiting on an email from Moeller Marine.

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    you can tap it out to the next size

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  3. If youve turned it to the point of which itll leak then keep going till you snap it or it comes out. Tough area to work. Plastic and all. Dont put to much on it because you might break the bulk fitting from the tank. Dont look like you can remove the spanner nut and slide it over the elbow so you might have to cut the 90deg elbow off and install a new bulk head as mentioned. Remember its a gas tank. NO sparks!!!!!