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  1. my buddy just picked up a 25 johnson a 1956 model . it has a double fuel line one air one fuel he has the tank and line but not the fitting to plug into the motor . does any body know where he can find one. looked on ebay nothing.thanks :D
  2. DaleM

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    Bass, if he is interested I have a tank with line and the fitting he needs. I won't sell just the end but I will sell him the entire thing for $50.00. Believe me he'll thank me if he ever need another tank. The tanks sell for anywhere from $50-100. with out hose or fittings. I'll sell his this one for $50.00 plus shipping. I have 2 '56 motor that use these tanks.

  3. Dale, that's one heck of a deal. :D I've seen those brass fuel line connectors for pressurized systems go for $50 by themselves on ebay.
  4. dale i will ask him tomorrow at work ill get back to you tue or wen.thanks
  5. DaleM

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    Bob, I know that. That's why I said $50.00 I won't go less than that either. If I didn't have 2 tanks I wouldn't think about selling it. In fact I was going to list it on E-bay later this week. If he doesn't take it it will be posted by this weekend.
  6. sorry dale he said he dont want it he said hes already has the tank . he said he will find one somewhere thanks