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    Well, the fine folks at West Marine goofed and sent me the wrong rebuild kit for my 9.9. The jokers wouldn't refund my shipping costs for their mistake, but told me to not worry about sending this kit back to them for credit. :rolleyes:

    (Lesson learned...moving on. ;) )

    Anyway, from what I was told this kit is actually for a Mercruiser Alpha 1 outdrive. Part # is 18-3217D, kit is brand new unopened and retails for $42.99 + shipping from West Marine.
    *I will mention the picture isn't accurate as this kit doesn't contain the impeller housing as shown, but looks like everything else is there.

    Please don't ask me if this will work in your outdrive - I honestly couldn't know. You'll have to do your own legwork on the parts #. I'm just wanting to recoup my lost 2-day shipping fees.

    $20 OBO or trade...?
  2. call them and speak to someone else!!! if you can prove it was their fault and not yours you MAY convince them to pay return shipping and get you the right kit...had it happen to me with cabelas...they sent me a prepaid rerurn label and as soon as i gave them the shipping # they sent the right stuff even though they had not accually recieved my return!!! its worth a shot!!

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    Well, to further add insult to injury the 2nd parts guru I talked to assured me he'd look into this, research the correct part # and call me back to get it on the way to me. It's been 2 days and no phone call. This is my first (and likely last) experience with West Marine.