fry daddy oil??

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by freyedknot, Nov 19, 2007.

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    how long do you keep your oil??? do you strain it every time you use it?? what do you use to strain it. coffee filters are way too slow.
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    it will keep for quite awhile in the fridge or cool,dark place.refined peanut(my favorite,though pricey) or safflower oil have high smoke points which will give more uses because the smoke point gets lower every time you reuse oil.once the smoke point drops to near your frying temp it's time to dump it and start fresh.
    strain through several layers of lots better than coffee filters.

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    now there's the ticket:D
  4. go to GFS marketplace and get some fryer filters, and as long as you can see the bottom of the fryer its still good. i work at a restraunt.the fryer filters are basically really thick and big coffee filters
  5. I have one of those pumps. You have to be careful not to let the oil get too cool or it won't pump it. On the other hand too hot can be dangerous! They are kind of a pain to clean too. I don't use it much. I saw a fryer once that had a valve on the pot to drain it. I think that would be the ticket! Wonder how a paint strainer in a funnel would work?
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    You can also use the pump to fill a bucket with water for ice fishing. A lot quicker and easier than the ice spoon. I usually don't throw the fish on the ice because once they freeze / thaw they are super slimey. Fill a 5 gal about 1/2 and keep them alive until filleting that night, much less messy!! Didn't mean to highjack, but if you have one of the pumps, just another use.
  7. dont strain it !
    save it up and take to your local bowling center
    to use as lane dressing..............

    Capt Hook;)
  8. I've been using canola oil for years. I can usually get four to five uses out of it before it gets gamey. I keep it in the firdge after it cools a bit. I use varnish strainers from Sherwin Williams to get the crud out of it.

    I've heard that if you throw in some peeled potato pieces into the oil while it's cooling that those will soak up the fishy taste left in the oil.
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    Dicks has a 3 gallon bucket of Peanut oil on sale for $25.00, find a $10 off/$25.00 or more and you get a sweet deal on the best oil IMO.
  10. I have some that is really old and used one time to cook a turkey, I asked a guy and was told it won't go bad. I just bought some new this spring,because I didn't want to take a chance. I always cook french fries after I'm done with the fish. My oil is still looking good, I'm going to fry a turkey up in it on Thursday.