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  1. Maumee Tackle once again is out of shiners. And the person who answered the phone was clueless as to when they will have more. And she wasn't pleseant on the phone to boot. About typical!
  2. I have been burnt by Bait and tackle too many times to count.

    Try edgewater for shiners in the point. They have been my most reliable source.

    It is a shame BassPro is not going to carry minnows.

  3. What do you expect from an outfit that routinely gets everything wrong?
  4. There is also a stop and go carryout on broadway that carry minnows. They had good shiners in the spring. Little rough down there when it gets dark though.
  5. Yes I have been there when it was called B&B Bait. They would load you up with shiners for next to nothing. You just had to duck when you heard gun shots.
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    Souf siiiiiiiiide! :p