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Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by TRIPLE-J, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. so im down at the rocky the other day and im sitting in my truck getting warmed up watching a few guys catching fish.. and I noticed as they were catching them they were walking back to their cars and throwing them in their trunk...
    didn't think anything of it till I noticed one guy had gone back 4 times...
    and still fishing and going back to his car...then I started paying more attention and there was probably 3 or 4 guys all catching and doing the same thing...
    all had WAYYYYYYY more than there 2...
    really pissed me off to watch them doing that without even thinking about it...
    not sure how many they ended up with cause I finally left
  2. beaver

    beaver swamp crawler

    Did you call it in?
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  3. snag


    Well why didn't you make the call to the metro parks? Posting after the fact won't stop them from doing it again and again, I would have walked to the car and took a pic of there license plate, and them ,that would have stirred something up for sure. Even could have called 1800 poacher.. with above info on the poachers
  4. please tell us you got a plate number, picture or called the metro parks rangers or GW? its guys like this that rune it for all of us and i haven't even got a fish ye
  5. Bitching about it does nothing to stop it!! Take action!
  6. Were they steelhead. Theres different kinds of fish in the rivers now. Some look like steelhead the only difference is the mouth.
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  7. beaver

    beaver swamp crawler

    Please elaborate.
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  8. The buffaloes and white suckers are coming down now. Properly smoked they can be the bomb and theres no limit.
  9. beaver

    beaver swamp crawler

    Right, I've heard they're good table fare. I don't think they look enough like steelhead to mistake them though. There are plenty more differences than just the mouths.
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  10. Why the need to take every fish to your car and hide it immediately after catching if you're doing no wrong?
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  11. Not sure who's dumber...
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  12. From a distance I could see how a mistake could be made...regardless, why were they being put in a trunk...and why was someone just sitting there watching them do it.
  13. No pics of the steelhead there's no proof. I suspect there could be foul play but what proof is there? Ive mistaked plenty of suckers for steelhead at a distance til i saw the mouth. If its 4 guys they are legal at 8 steel. There's nothing criminal about carrying a few fish to the car at a time. They are heavy afterall.
  14. This is a common practice, so common that wildlife LE has a term for it, "Trunking."
    When suspected illigal activity is observed, never confront the suspect or let him/her know that you are observing their activities. Just inconspicuously gather as much information as possible and call 1-800-POACHER. Let the LE professionals do their job.
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  15. So, let's say the OP did immediately pick up on suspected criminals and report them, the location and their license plate. The fish police come down find the car. They pop the trunk find 25 steelhead. The bandits get fined and their fishing licenses revoked.
  16. only legal at 2 a piece though. One guy could have caught 4. That's like me shooting 8 squirrel with a limit of 6 per person and giving 2 to my buddy cause he only got 4. :)
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  17. So you say nothing is illegal, then go on to say maybe it was illegal?...a hefty fine and losing your license, fish, fishing equipment is enough penalty for me...needs to be something done you're saying just let them do it? confused me...
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  18. beaver

    beaver swamp crawler

    In my experience, the guys that you see committing crime getting a ticket isn't the real victory in cases like this. The real victory are all of the other people sitting around thinking about doing the same thing , deciding different after seeing the presence of the warden.

    A lot of "criminals" are just because of easy opportunity. We bought a piece of property that was owned by an absentee landowner and treated as public, even though it wasn't. It started by a group of guys trespassing, and nothing happening. Others saw that, and followed suit. Before you knew it, it might as well have been public land. We bought it, and posted it. For the first year, we were confronting trespassers on an almost daily bases. No calls to authorities were made, no charges filed, just a friendly " someone is taking care of this place now and there is no trespassing without permission". The second year, the same thing. Almost daily during season, we had trespassing. This time we threatened to file charges, and was a little more stern about it. From the neighbors monitoring the place and trail camera pictures, it was obvious that they weren't listening. Still we had a lot of trespassing and several were regular repeaters. Finally , we called the warden and told him to write a ticket to the first person he saw there that didn't have written permission. He did, and luckily it was one of the people that had been warned a few times by us. It didn't take long for word to get around that someone got a ticket there, and that the GW truck is in the area often, and that the owners were there often. We haven't had a problem with trespassing that we know of since. Some of those same people that were trespassing before still hunt there, but now they come and ask first and we know when they're there.

    I read a study once about crime of opportunity. You'd be surprised at how many "good people" do bad things when an easy opportunity presents itself.
  19. Id say no wrongdoing in this case. The OP didnt specify the fish type, no pictures, no video. Suspicion is not proof. There's enough info to be suspicious but not enough to prove something illegal was done.
  20. beaver

    beaver swamp crawler

    If there is enough to be suspicious, it's enough to warrant a call. Odds are they won't show up if they're in the middle of something important, but if not what's it hurt to have them come and check? At the least, they'll check license and bags and everyone legal will be on about their day. If they aren't legal, they'll either get a ticket or leave the area when they see them coming.
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