Frozen Steering Cable

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  1. I have a 16 foot Rinkerbuilt Bowrider with a 80hp Merc. The steering cable is frozen...Is it easy to replace the cable? One man job or two people? Or is it better to have it done by a dealer? I'm sure somebody has attempted this.

    Where's the best place to get a new cable?

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    Sometimes it's as simple as disconnecting the cable at each end and pulling it out. Sometimes you need to pull the outboard from the transom to get the engine-end of the cable out. Sometimes it's rotten just to get access.
    My center console cable runs through a tube under the floor from the console back to the starboard rear corner. Running it through that tube was a real treat. Hooking it up under the console itself was a breeze.
    I had to pull my engine off to remove and re-install the cable. I bought an engine hoist and a lifting eye to do it though.

    Buy a complete kit- helm, cable, etc. They're not much more than just the cable and everything will be new. If you don't have no-feedback-steering this is the time to put it in. has the cheapest prices on steering kits I've ever found.


  3. Anyone have any experience with "teleflex steering system?"