frozen eyelits

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  1. does anybody have a good home remidy that will stop my eyelits on my rod from freezing over it gets old deicing them every 5 min.
  2. I heard that rubbing alcohol works. You can pre treat them before you hit the lake. Buy some wipes at the local pharmacy for while you out in the water or, fill up a little spray bottle. Don't know about the smell if it gets on you line though. Let me know if you try it.

  3. The One

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    try WD 40 .........
  4. Hmmm...a little spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol...that's the best idea I've heard yet! I'm always throwing away those little lens cleaner spray I have another use for them. Thanks Jd1peters!
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    I've heard useing chap stick works. Smear some on the tip.
  6. Spring will cure it. lol
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    Vaseline......for the guides!
  8. I fish in the late fall for steelhead. We use chapstick on the eyelets. It works well.
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    kvd's reel spray works well
  10. That's what I was thinking...stop ice fishing!! LOL!
  11. I've tried several things, but Rainex (for windshields) is about the best I've found.
  12. I've heard non-stick cooking spray works. My suggestion though, would be to buy a 6 dollar bottle of high-proof grain alcohol. That stuff can't freeze. I wouldn't recommend drinking it though.