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Here's the story. We got in the blind yestaurday about 5:00. At About 6:15 my son says to me he was going to lay down on the ground and play with his tablet. He said it was his good luck game. Well I guess it was cause at 6:35 I seen his buck coming down the field edge. I got him up and on the crossbow and ready. The buck stopped at 26 yards quartering to us. We waited for him to turn and he shot. The shot looked good but the buck acted funny. He bounced into the bean field slowed to a stop for a few seconds and slowely walked into the woods. The slow walk made me nervouse so we sat till after 8 when my wife could get there to help. We first found the arrow and noticed a slight smell and fat. Reluctently we decided to see what the trail looked like and pushed forward on a very easy to follow blood trail, about 40 yards into our trailing we heard him get up and move off infront of us so we stopped and backed out. I found on facebook a group of dog trackers and contacted a gentleman named Brian Hall from Medina. We agreed to meet this morning and see how it would go. I must say his Dog did a fantastic job in the overgrown thickets and put us on Camdens Deer after a short track. He probably only made it 150 yards total. The buck was quartered to us more then it looked. The entry was good but angled back through the guts. I am glad we had the help of Briands hounds and If anyone needs his help i will post his info.
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