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  1. I caught a big leopard frog today i was going to use it as bait tommorow. Does anyone have any tipson what will take it, how to rig it or how to or where to fishi it? Anything will help
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    Yeah. If i were going to fish with live frog's I would use small bulls or even tads. I have used them b4 and work great in ponds where they are a primary food source. i have fished them using a Carolina rig this works great and gives the live bait plenty of room for movement along the bottom or as far up as your rigg it. I wouldn't use this method unless you plan on keeping the fish as from my experience some will swallow then again you always have that problem with live bait.
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    cats love them...especially those big 'ole channels...but as said, dont get caught using it
  5. i know one frog im sure u wouldnt get introuble for using and if there is any pools or ponds around u house im sure ull have abundance of them, tree frogs, there an annoying frog and in huge abundance, ive used them many times cat fishing and done very well.
  6. As LMRsmallmouth noted...some weird laws here in Ohio...only frogs you can keep in your possession with a fishing license are Bull and Green frogs...other types, no matter how many there are in an area, you need some type of non-commercial propagaters permit (I have one for salamanders). It is 25 bucks and you can only keep four of any species. Frogs are killer bait though my use has always been ponds, simple j hook through lips and let them kick around...bass love it! Good luck!
  7. If ya get caught just say you are doing research on the predator/pray relationship between fish and the native frog populations. Its states in there you can keep native species for research purposes, although you have to part of a recognized organization.;)