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    Just wondering if any of you guys get out and do some frogging or float some jugs.
  2. I could eat frog legs for every meal! I like to get out at night with a gig & Maglite and light-em-up. Farm ponds are the ticket, but you can get them at the back of coves on all the local reservoirs after dark. Set the trolling motor shallow, and get back into the nasty stuff.

  3. I've never tried to catch turtles, but last year at the end of June I was fishing up at Alum Creek and couldn't keep them off of the hooks. This was way up north in Alum where it's still mainly a wide creek. My buddy and I ended up leaving after 2 hours since we couldn't keep our bait in the water. By then we had caught at least 20 turtles on Livers, Minnows, and worms. If you're interested I can tell you exactly where it was. Most of the turtles were softshelled.
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    Fishman Catch bait???

    I've never ate snapper but I hear they are great. They sure make a lot of fun to fish for when you're catfishing and want to set a few lines to check periodically. The people that I do know LOVE to eat them.

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    Snapping turtle is close to the best meat I have ever ate. Theres something like 7 different kinds of meat in them.

    The biggest problem with them is that you have to keep them in a tank for a week or better to let them clean themselves out.

    Cleaning them is also interesting, as they twitch at you clear up until you put them in freezer bags.

    Frogs are also very tasty, I just am not sure of anyplace to get them without driving 40 miles out east anymore. I am fairly new to the hilliard area and all the place I know of are out east. Theres a pond near Roberts rd and 270 I ahve been thinking about going to, I jsut don't know who owns it, if I a m allowed or what not.

    I reckon Ill just have to rough it and go clear across town.
  6. I love frog legs and turtle meat! I think frog season comes in sometime in June?? Golf course ponds are always good for frogs. The best I have ever done was at Harugs lake, we just went around the bank with a cane pole with a few feet of heavy mono on the end with a hook and nightcrawler. Just dangle the crawler in front of them and they jump right on the hook! I always get several turtles on trotlines when i run them.

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    Frog season starts June 15th...Also you have to becareful there are strict limits on the ammound of frogs you can possess which is only 10, so just becareful on the "best you've ever done". :D
  8. Thanks for that date, I was just getting ready to look it up. That night that was "the best I ever did" was just my dad and I and we didnt even get our limit, close to it though i think 17 or 18. Usually for me it takes several trips to get enough for a good frog leg dinner, but it makes for a few good nights out.
  9. shifty's has frog legs every tuesday night!!!

    along with $.150 bottles :)
  10. Shiftys has frog legs? Awsome, Tuesdays I will have to remeber that.
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    Hey Twistertail! I went to the races at Scioto Downs last Friday night and they had frog legs on the all you can eat buffet. Between the frog legs, shrimp and prime rib, they definitely lost money on me, even at $16 for the buffet. Not sure if they do this every Friday, but it was soooooooo good.
  12. 16 bucks for frog legs and shrimp, i'd get my moneys worth no doubt. i wouldnt even mess with the prime rib, it would just slow me down!

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    Shifty's.....Bar, Restaurant, location? :)

    And I was just teasing about your "best ever" twister, but it's good info to know the limits. It's my understanding there is no if's and's or buts when it comes to frogs.
  14. It on Washington St in Circleville. Take 22 east off 23 and go through town about a mile and there is a Duke and Dutchess gas station on your right turn right there and its just about a block on your left. Real small place not very fancy, typical Circleville bar. I have never ate there so i cant say for sure but have heard they serve pretty good food.

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    Frog legs and beer, can't be that bad of a place. :D
  16. Shifty's is really small, farm/blue color type of place i guess

    Pretty good foor most of the time, loaded cheese fries are always good. wings can be dry at times though. They also serve bluegill one night, not sure which one and perch on fridays. small bar pretty relaxed. 3 "community" tables taht seat about 10 each and probbly 8-10 at the bar

    I gots the hook up at scioto downs guys. only thing I pay is beer :D sometimes pay to get in too
  17. So when we going to the races?:D

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    The Scioto Downs hook up sounds pretty nice too!

    I'll have to make it down there to Shifty's one night here soon and check the place out. I like those small hole in the wall tpe of places.
  19. If you like small hole in the wall type places you will love Shiftys!

    How about an OGF get together one night?

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    Sounds good to me, being new here it would give me a chance to meet some of you guys. :D

    Can't really do anything this week, but the following weekend I'm open.