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    i hope this dosen't start a negative thread with all the debate over c&r but i am wanting to find some ponds/lakes were i could go frog giggin preferably somewhere that i can put my canoe in or even wade it. i have gone out to a couple local spots and it has been kind of slow. every pond that i have permission to fish from won't let me gig because they like there frogs. but damn do some frog legs sound good. thanks for any help
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    Catch them in a net and set them free for someone else to catch.

  3. I've caught them up at my parents pond and creek by just using my rod,twister tail jig, and tapping the frog on the head. Most times it'll bite down on the hook, and you just pull it up. It's weird, when you hook them, they cry. That's been my best method. I've never tried out in the wild, I thought that was against the law.
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    no way man the season is only closed two months out of the year april and may i belive that is when they mate other than that it is completly legal there is a bag limit of ten per person so it will take a couple of trips out and you will have a good mess to eat. you go at night take a bright light and blind the frog it is escentially the deer in the head lights and won't move then you get as close as you can and gig it. you really only need a gig, flash light and a burlap sack (to keep them in) if you want to go i would take you out man. i'll put my frog legs to the taste test with your smallies any day lol!! no seriously if you want to go you know how to get ahold of me . thats some good eatin there boy
  5. Sections of the Big Darby has good numbers along with size. Why gig? I was raised catching them with my hand. Same technique but instead of gigging them I grab them. If one is a little to small I just let it go.

    If you want to meat up some time we could hit the river together. I never run into anyone who frogs. I am going to be taking my boy out here in a week or two for his first trip. That should make for a funny night but we will have fun.
  6. Fishentech,
    Have you checked out Big Island wildlife area. It has a bunch of marsh areas. I've always wanted to check it out for frogs. It's just a little north of Prospect. I may hit a pond by my house this weekend.
  7. do you guys broil the rib sections?? or is that too old school for you?? I'll hit you up. I'm interested in getting some frogs. Just tell me what to bring, and I'm there.
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    I'll second that. BIWA has tons of frogs. Lots of little ponds as well. Killdeer Plains Pond 38(i think that # is correct) just west of Morral. It's a little more ways north, but if BIWA doesn't produce then that pond should definately hold some for ya. Take the canoe for sure though because even though it is weed choked it has some serious deep water. Also, don't anyone proclaim that it lies on the "preservation". It is part of the small area designated for public use, ie hunting and fishing.

  9. Fishintechnician - Frog Gigging that is awsome - Now you are taking me back to my younger days - Not that I am very old as it is but a handful of years before I moved to Columbus I used to go out frog gigging all the time. What fun that was - I believe I still have my gigg down in the basement somewhere. I will have to look for it this weekend.

    Have fun & Fry a leg up for me!
  10. Did it once never learned how to prepare them, was alot of fun.
  11. Man I miss frog legs. cut the legs off & skin, bread & fry like fish. Very good. I still have my gig but haven't done it in years. My old swamp is paved over but you got me thinking.
  12. You leave the artery in?? I usually take that out.. but each to it's own.
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    is it legal to to shoot frogs with a 22 didnt think so but i thought i would ask also do the seasons apply in private ponds cause if they were like fish you could do whatever you wanted just wondering
  14. no for sure on shooting and probably yes on the season. only bullfrogs and green frogs may be taken. leopard frogs are endangered and protected
  15. we always make an egg batter, dip'em, and fry 'em. but we got drunk one night a few years back and decided to slap a mess on the grill and smothered 'em in bbq sauce.....that was the best i ever had. dependin on where you live...ohio power has some good ponds to gig, we've done our best out there.
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    From the DOW regulations:

    FROG SEASON is open from June 15 at 6 p.m. through April 30. Only bullfrogs and green frogs may be legally taken. Not more than 10 may be taken or possessed at any time. Frogs may not be shot except with a longbow and arrow. Hours are local time.

    I've shot a few with my bow. I used to get some huge bullfrogs in the Three Creeks area before it was a park.
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    Like the gobble of a big old tom turkey, or the honk of a goose, the sound of a bullfrog in the dark tells me I'm really livin. It's a sickness, I know.
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    thanks guys for all of the great suggestions didn't get a chance to get out this weekend but hopefully will get the chance within the next couple of weeks if any one is wanting to go just shoot me a pm. i will have to check out big island it is only about 15 min drive from me. i have been wanting to check out aep lands so i might have to take a long weekend fishing/giggin trip thanks again guys
  19. Gigging Frogs is always a good time. I usually try to make it out a couple times each season. I don't like to go out too often, as a good spot is hard to find and I don't want to deplete the resource. Last season, I think I took about 18 Frogs overall. I have not yet been out this season, but I do intend to before the end of summer.

    Here is a post from 2004 with a frog report and a picture: