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  1. Dose anyone frog hunt anymore???
  2. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Yes, I believe so.

  3. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    Did it once...the way they scream gives me chills,don't do it no more,TC1
  4. I do and will be taking my little boy out for his first trip this year. I will be taking pictures of him while out on his first trip. I still remember my first trip.
  5. Every year. I take my kids sometimes. Don't keep them any more. I have a little goldfish pond I put a couple of the biggest ones in last year. Mistake. The biggest one ate my favorite goldfish right in front of me... Bullfrogs are incredibly voracious. The big one then began to eat goldfinches as they came close to the pond for a drink... It probably weighed 2 of life...a cooper's hawk picked it off a few weeks later.

  6. LOL, now that circle of life frog is just funny.
  7. I grew up froggin every year. I still go out with my dad and a buddy of his at least once a year. My dad hits 69 this year and his buddy is 71. I always wonder how many more years I'll be able to get out.
  8. Here's a dumb question: Are the legs the only thing you eat? If so, it seems like you'd need alot of frogs for a meal.
  9. Dumb questions #2 & #3: How do you catach a frog? where to find them?
  10. Questions: I only eat the hind legs but there is actually a good bit of meat on them. Keep in mind these are not toads.

    Some people catch them with nets and even arrows. But the mostly used method is gigs which are three or four spears, kind of like a small trident. I have always used my hand. You just shine your bright light into their eyes and either gig them or grab them.

    They live in creeks, ponds or marshes. the do not like real sandy fast moving rivers though. Rivers like the LMR around Xenia typically does not hold them. Farm ponds are a favorite place for them.
  11. Thank you Walter. I just thought it might be fun to frog hunt with the little kid. Netting is probably the way for us.
  12. Me any my grandfather used a little piece of red fiber on a hook. Used a 10ft Crappie pole. Frongs couldn't resist the red fiber boucing in front of their face.
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    i had one chase a spinner bait right onto the bank and then i set the spinner down on the bank and the frog went right up to it, as soon as i lifted it up off of the ground it attacked. it was the first frog i have caught on a pole.
  14. I always used a small hunk of night crawler and just dangled it in front of them.