Frog gigging for a break ?

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  1. I know it ain't (fishing) but I thought I'd put in the report anyhow. A friend and I went out for the 3rd time the other night and got our limit again
    (10-per man). Some real big ones in the mess !! It's not easy as I make it sound because we have searched wide and far to find lakes or ponds with frogs. Many ponds or lakes have very few or only small frogs (greeines). Some places you can't get the frogs because of all the weed growth or thick cattail. I've been cooking up frogs with fish for a meal and calling it surf and turf. :) We're going to fish until dark then gig this weekend - double wammie !
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    Ive went out alot this year, Surprisingly weve had no trouble finding big frogs down here by Athens . We've limited out all 7 times weve went .
    Theres nothing better than a nice slab of Catfish with a side of Frog Legs!

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    It's good to hear you guys are having some success with the frogs, I'll have to sharpen the gig. The last few years it seems like the frogs were nowhere to be found. Thanks for the report.:G :F