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  1. I was just watching Diners, Dirve ins and Dives on Food Network this evening and there was a place in Omaha (Joe Tess' Place) that serves fried carp. Pretty interesting hw they fried it up. They go through 3000 fish a week!!!!!!
    They didn't show it, but I have to believe there is more to the story.
  2. Sorry i'll have to pass.

  3. A clear water carp properly cleaned and prepared can be quite tasty.
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    i've never had it fried but my dad use to catch smaller ones(from clean water)and do them up in the smoker and they were VERY good!
    they're eaten alot in europe.
  5. I've had canned carp thats been made into patties, like you would do with canned salmon, taste great. I've made them for people in my family before and they like them better than salmon patties. I'm not saying its the best fish in the world or anything like a mess of fried up gills or perch but really they are pertty good. A lot people say they dont like them just because of what they have heard and have never tried them.
  6. the "foreginers" (Philipinio's and Mexicans) at my work have shown me the secret to making carp taste really good. one is a "sweet and sour" carp recipe, the other is a "cilantro" type of recipe and both are really good! i am shocked at how good carp really are when prepared right. the main secret is to just gut, scale, remove mud vein, and make sure you fry it in whole chunks with the main bones in, do not filet it. something about cooking it whole (in big steaks) with the bones changes its flavor.
  7. I've had smoked carp that would knock your socks off. We bought it at a place on the Mississippi River close in Prairie du Chien, WI. It was a pretty healthy-sized carp, judging by the rib bones.

    It really was great! I mean it.
  8. What more would there be? Clean water carp are very good eating.
  9. It is like trying to explain to people that snipe are real and there is an actual hunting season for them.
  10. Had a friend that smoked some ...wasn't bad..But fried I'll have to pass also....Jim...
  11. Catch a 1 to 3# carp from clean water, completely scale it then remove the head, fins and entrails. Wash the carcass thoroughly then grind the meat and bones. Add in some garlic and onion, salt and pepper (plus whatever other seasonings you like), mix well and form into patties. Dip patti In eggwash, coat with instant potatoe mix and fry in Crisco. Same method for Spring Run Suckers :), but never for Freshwater Drum!:eek:
  12. I saw the same episode that ski did. It actually looked pretty tasty to me. There was nothing "more to the story" at all. They did prepare them by making multiple slices in the meat and rubbing it with the breading to help rid it of the smaller bones. I'd try some.
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    I caught that episode as well. They scaled gutted it and then made many small verticle cuts in the flesh (we're talking a ton, not very far apart). You could order different "sections" of the fish, the rib portion, tail portion, etc...

    It still didn't look very good to me and if I want fried fish I'll take perch, walleye, catfish or other panfish, thanks...
  14. I guess for me the "look" wasn't what made it seem tasty, but the fact that some normal looking folks in the restaurant said "it surprises you" when you eat it, (meaning pleasant surprise) that made me curious as to what it tastes like. Guess I misspoke with the other post.

    If I'm eating fish, I prefer not to fry it, so I guess there's different ways to skin a cat(fish).

    Bottom line - I'll try anything once.
  15. Carp were originally imported and stocked here as a food source. Most european and asian cultures eat carp regularly. Anyone ever heard of gifelte fish usually made from carp.
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    Anyone ever heard of gifelte fish usually made from carp.[/QUOTE]

    There must not be many Jewish people on here... I think it is usually eaten during passover.
  17. I'm not Jewish, but I went to John Carroll, I've seen plenty of gefilte fish in my day. However, if you've seen it in the jar, it's not exactly a ringing endorsement for carp. It looks awful.
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    As a Bexleyite, i've also had gilfeltifish. It's not bad at all, just LOOKS kind of gooey.

    I used to catch smaller carp as a younger kid and clean them up nicely to poach. The white meat sections were delicious. The red meat and the remaining carcas went to the garden.
  19. I just found out that Tilapia is from the carp family and it's pretty popular. I'll still stick to walleye and perch though :)
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    i hered tilapia was a carp family fish not so sure its as good as i once thought now. just the thought of eating carp....... but its probably just hereing not to eat it as i grew up.