Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by gbourne, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. Did anyone catch anything last night? I got skunked again.
  2. Hit the GMR by boat, 1st time for me this year, got 5 channels, 4 of em pretty nice, one was about average - no flatties :(

  3. Id take 5 channels tonite for the TCBA tournament...Im hoping to get a flathead too though!
  4. got alot of runs ...actually missed alot of fish or turtles...the bite seemed to be really werid...ended up catching two average channels ...both fish where caught on dead creek chubs, every other bite was either on live blue gil or live chub...this was on the tusc. n the dover area, going to try again tonight though, hopefully have better luck then last night still hoping for the 1st fish of the year over 15 pounds
  5. Yea. The bite was weird Friday. I seen lots of crayfish and one inch catfish where I was fishing. I didn't get a bite. Except I could tell the crayfish were working on my cut sunfish.